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Disqus has an offensive privacy policy, broadcasting your email address or whatever name you used to sign-in for an earlier email which may be your real name or contain part of your real name, even if you maintain a really-strict policy of never using your real-name for an online-account.  And they’ve got a series of tricks to try to trick or coerce would-be commenters to unmask themselves on their stupid comment-boards, and I genuinely hope they do-find this and read-it–!

This comment was composed by me, but not posted, in response to an article in the LGBTQ bulletin that New York just ratified a new bill that prohibits stores from treating readable, non-passing transgender people “less-well” than other customers.

Another reader commented that he feared that the legislation would not have been enforced, although he wished that it would have been.

Here is what would have been my response–:

The uninitiated, reading-this, might view the wording, “to treat,” the given-class person “less-well than,” those outside the given-class, as insignificantly-different or vague, or something that could easily-happen without a store-person’s intending to-have done.

While I agree that the bill’s language might use some improvement, what they are talking-about, I know only too-well–!:

A cashier conspicuously dotes-on everybody ahead of me in the line, until when the person they’re serving is me, and suddenly they jackknife into being brusque, rude, and sullen.

The beaming smile snaps into a pair of pursed lips or even a scowl.

What had been warm (or even gushy) chattiness now becomes a refusal even to acknowledge when I say something even pertaining directly to the transaction-itself.

The clerk will start processing the next person before they are done with me, even-though my transaction is not slower than the others.

They may do whatever else they can, to invite interruptions by other staff.

They may answer a phone, without excusing themselves.

If I’m trying to tell them something pertinent, they may interrupt me with gross impertinences

that could wait till they had answered my question / acknowledged my statement,

after first letting me finish speaking my short statement or question.

They are going out of their way to make it unmistakable that they are doing all of these things completely for-spite. It’s pure Theatre–.

Even if you think this bill’s wording is “vague,” or “laughable,” what it refers-to is a very-deliberate and malicious practice that is well-established in stores.

Whether they are reading me as non-passingly expressing transgenderism or whether I am on a list of people to be harassed for some other reason, I could not directly say.

I do have knowledge of such lists, from other sources–; although I also know how broaching this topic triggers people who want to dismiss such knowledge as so-called, “PCT.”

(It’s not good to find-out the hard-way how-many CT’s actually were never P).

Although straightforward and reliable information are rarely in the same place, it’s been getting better, although probably not as fast as the problem-itself is getting worse.

Although people other than transgenders are affected by this problem (crisis), transgenders are definitely heavily affected by this, which is what makes this branch reference within this thread still relevant.

The reason I have chosen this particular video for this thread, is the degree to-which the maker of the video did background-research on how organized harassment increasingly appears to have originated, and why this would explain better than earlier explanation-attempts, why this phenomenon were so likely to be among the specific forms of harassment that transgender people would have to face.

One also is invited to Google, President Obama’s Operation Chokepoint.

I’ve been subjected to that, too.

Although Operation Chokepoint is mainly applied to Banks, the same tactics are often also used in stores.

If you order something from a store that they have to produce, they may keep telling you that your item has not been completed yet, making you wait an indecently long time for it, and tell you to wait for them to call you, not to call them.

When you finally do call them, they’ll tell you that they were waiting for you to call them, as-if they did not know how to press-buttons on their own telephone.

They may hand you one of their botched-builds, telling you that you can keep-it for-free, because it wasn’t up to their standards, or didn’t-count as merchandise.  (And they will insist, even if you protest, which is important as a clue for later).

On subsequent trips back, wasting gas, snack-food, and time, they’ll show you more botched-builds, that were worse than the first one, and keep-saying, “Yeah, we know we messed this up.  We’ll do it over.”  One trip, you’ll come-in, possibly showing the strain of the continual travel, in some way, and they’ll say, “This is the last build we’re giving you,” as if you were the one who had protested.  They will simply re-proffer the two they tried to give the last two times, not just similar, but with the same telltale nicks on them in exactly the same places that confirm irrefutably that they are exactly the same pieces, and not-even fresh-attempts, however-botched.  They held these same-pieces that they-themselves declined to hand-over the last two times, and now they’re giving you this ultimatum that after waiting another long-time, that you have to accept what they told you before that they didn’t even want you to take, and you don’t, because it isn’t made-right, and you’ve already paid for it.  After you finally badger them into backing-off or finally doing what they already-said, or agreeing-to make-it-over, when you come back the next time, they will try to get you to give-back the first so-called botched edition of the good, that they pushed you to take, before, or at-least they’ll argue about it.  To underscore the fact that they were lying to you before when they insisted over your own then-protests that you simply must take it from them, permanently-free.  This kind of blatant Self-Contradiction has a well-known name, and that name is Gaslighting.  It is a very-direct signal, that whatever-relationship one had-sought with whatever person or business-entity was entirely-counterfeit from the very-beginning–; and that nothing-you say to them, will ever be honored by-them, either–.  It’s effectively the institutionalization of Disenfranchisement, whether the other entity is a business-entity like this one–; or just some narcissist you’ve had the misfortune to have had as either an adult-sibling or parent, a romantic interest, or even some cases of close so-called “friends–.”

Returning, to the thing that went-on with me and this store–; people don’t come-up with stuff like-this just to harass or antagonize.  If they’re the only ones that don’t-want ya-there, they’ll tell ya to yer face–; or at least more-directly or less-creatively than this.  They’re a business–; they’re not in the drama-writing “field–!:”  They’ll only get even however creative they can be, when there’s extra money to be made, and a merchant would rather flatter an undeserving customer than harangue an okay one, if there’s money to be made in doing that–; and, they have their reputation to defend, which means that it really doesn’t pay to spur rumors of their being antagonistic–;

So, really, I’ve long been-aware that probably every-one of these wretched tactics comes straight-out of some major consultant’s Playbook–.
How many people could tell a similar story about someone who had harassed them perniciously and deliberately, even to the point where they tried to harm themselves or developed physical diseases brought-on by stress-exhaustion from how bad the emotional distress was, whether it was demoralization, terror, or something else that-bad–? This is not a joke, when it happens! That was why an earlier bill was drafted, to make a legal tort of someone’s doing this. Anyone-else remember the bill against, “Unlawful infliction of emotional distress?”

In that case, there already had been, some legislation on the books that did cover this, although when the people who drafted the new bill did-so, they presumably were unaware of it, or they wouldn’t have drafted a new bill.

Opponents of this nascent other bill then had-a field-day tearing-it-apart because of its invitingly-vague or mawkish-sounding language, and after a number of defense-lawyer precedents had re-parsed its unofficial re-interpretation, it came-out having less force, than if a plaintiff would have filed no motion at-all, so I can see where Lex Moran Solero were getting his impression that this bill is at risk not to get “enforced.” And I agree also with him that it needs to be.  Clearly–!

Blogged Response to Moog Ferlita’s ftm video, “Things You Shouldn’t Say to Trans People.”

Here’s the video.

New transgender awareness channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyLLIltTZHYT1KQxCax6S8Q Corresponding print-blogs at telezoneblog.wordpress.com and marcasite1.blogspot.com These blogs are titled Transingularity, for what goes-on beyond the Event-Horizon between the connected transgender community online, and the atomized one that hasn’t found the Internet part of it yet, out in the “No-Trans-Land,” areas where untransitioned people have to hide almost everything when merely travelling, and “everything” from the people they *do* know. I am posting this on this video, because your video makes the point that a lot of cis-people seem unduly *ignorant* or without basic empathy for how the transgender person who would hear this would be *receiving* this, or how it makes them feel like a *mascot* or an *effigy* rather than being received by these others as just another *real* person *with-feelings* just as-which they all “receive” *each-other*. I have understood all these points for longer than I’ve been hearing them stated on whatever videos are made about this topic. What I got-on here to post *to you* was the fact that I wish I knew just how I would need to phrase what I would need to tell *you* about *this* in-order for to make *you* understand it. The stuff however-rightly *criticized* on the standard *transgender* videos that opt to *do* this, of course *is* quite *ignorant* as no-one would *deny*. What the people who travel in whatever circles share, or work-together to make, these-videos are completely obstructed-from–; is the fact that in most of even the west, there is no robust stream whatever of information about transgender transitioning, life, experience, needs, progress, or anything. Most people know less about Transgender people than they do about the supposed “Grey Aliens,” and *those* (hopefully) don’t even *exist*–! Most *cis* people out-here in what has become “No-Trans-Land,” think *we* “don’t-exist” *either*–! Worse, most Transgender people who interact freely within what I will here call, with no offense whatever intended, the Transgender “Citadel–;” *themselves* don’t believe that any *other Transgenders* “existed,” out in the *regions* where life, industry, and politics, seem to be characteristically *hostile* to us, so-called “No-Trans-Land.” The only ways to account for this would be by positing that the same “gene” we would want to “blame” for “remaining working-class,” would *also* automatically cause all one’s *kids* to have been *born irreversibly CIS–;” which I only stated *aphoristically* (humorously), because we both know that working-class lifestyle is not-at-all “genetic,” and that whatever *genetics* would have been involved in *Transgender* would be too complex to parse anything like-that. Or that everyone who doesn’t get to see other Transgender people about will automatically decide to “Restructure” themselves as “Cis” people–; and that they are invariably, or at least nearly-invariably, “successful” at doing this. Which in turn implies that Transgenderism is something that can be *extinguished* by nothing more forceful than simple *lack of positive reinforcement* without even any *fear* or *violence needed* to be added to the cocktail of so-called *discouragement* which *also* leads to the prospect that a preponderance of the people on the Internet media who affirm that Transgender *is* congenital-or-primal, or immutable, were merely chanting some mass-mantra to cover-up the “fact” that they were “all just” some “bunch of ’cause-groupies,’ ,” “pretending to be” a “fake” thing “we’d called” transgender “to have” a novel experience or “get” public-attention–; which I am merely stating to play devil’s advocate and which I know as well as you did were completely-wrong–. But the time I hear *myself* saying it, I know that probably at least *100* of our burgeoning *adversaries* have already *published* it somewhere, so don’t run-me out-of-town for even “just” “saying” it. But there *are as much* of a proportion of *Trans* people born out here in Transphobic working-class and similar communities who used to go around fully-expressive, but who since have had to douse either nearly-everything about their expression, or in some cases *quite* all of it–; because of an unprecedented escalation of resistance, manipulation, and violence. Whose only upshot-here, is that there are this many more trans people beyond for instance, the suburbs, than what one would actually appear to have *seen* instead out *here*–; than there would have been *before*. The fact that Transgender people out in “the wastelands,” the “No-Trans-Lands,” have been driven so-deeply *underground*, that they can no-longer even find *each-other* anymore, even when both of them may be looking *directly-at* each-other from six-feet away–; is the reason that all the *Cis* people *around* them–; would have gotten WAY more “Transgender-Ignorant,” than even any of these admittedly irrational or pathetic *zingers* you have listed here in your still clearly quite-swell *video*. The cis people (meaning everyone I know) *I* have to deal-with, whenever I have to deal with *anybody*, enforce self-misgendering by-me of-myself to them, via *martial-law* style *edict*. No matter how many times I tell them to *quit* with the *blatant innuendo*, like *fawning* over me, every time all my scissors wear-out and I can’t crop my hair anymore, prompting me to I hate it because it just makes me look like a stereotypical “nutty-professor” type–; instead of even slightly *professional* or *businesslike*–; they’ll mentally *cock-their heads-sideways,” and *squint* as many times as they *have* to–; just to see *whatever’s left* of that “*Gur-rull*, they’ve *trained* themselves to *expect* to see right-up-front *at-first-glance*. And whatever gets my *hair* just to *grow-out* no matter how badly it falls in front of my ears or gets full of cowlicks, all they can see is whatever part of it had *grown-below* my ears, and this “shuts-off their butch-phobia alarm (rolling-my-eyes in distasteful-contempt for-them)–.” Zingers *I* get *from-THEM*–; make *yours* seem like something you’d *HUG* someone for, for saying in a *sensitivity-training* class–! “Oh-Gee, Donna-Jean–; it rilly looks like you been *Tryin’* heah–! You get a gold-star this-week, darlin’–!” They’re so bad I can’t even force myself to *type* them *for-myself* let-alone *share* them with anybody as gratefully *unexposed still* to recoil as you have been doing-here at at-least *those* ones you’d *presented* in the *video*. No matter how many times I tell them to *quit* with the *blatant innuendo*, like *fawning* over me, every time dull scissors keep me from cropping my hair till it grows-out in all directions and no-matter how actually-*bad* this actually-looks–; all they do is *still* keep turning-it back on-*me* or telling me *how i* “*NEED* to-feel, about *my own hair*–; that there’s *something-wrong* with me, when I don’t paint a smile on my face for them, when something on me got however unwantedly “less-butch,” and more girlish (meaning, of course, *dysphoric*). We’ve all heard of so-called “codependents–;” what the people *I’m* describing could be called was, “reverse-co-dysphorics,” because *they* get *vicariously CIS-dysphoric,* any time they see *us* do anything that relieves *our* natural *transgender* dysphoria–! Do they even know the *meaning* of the phrase, “Mind your own business-?” Even if they *know* they can’t *erase* what I am, or “make-it-stop,” with whatever amount of their shameless *nagging*–; the fact that it *never-works* for them–; has not-the-least *impact* on the rate at-which they *continue* to *do* it–. There’s a lot-more here that I couldn’t even *tell* you about, because there would be secondary-ramifications–; which unfortunately would *make* this point far more-clearly than anything that I actually *could* have said–. My net-point *for-you*–; is that a far-greater proportion of *Cis-people* than perhaps even as recently as simply before you started your own transition–; today have become *so inured* to an *absence* around-them, of *any more* visible trans people, or *likely* or *plausibly* trans people–; that they have morally-imploded in that area to the point where they cannot even *see* any *actual* trans people they finally *did* encounter, as anything more than *effigies* or *mascots* who had *no real sensibility* about *anything*. It’s like we were *animatronics* that they could *pinch* or *pose*, and we wouldn’t even *know-the-difference*. Simply wanting to know how a man would adjust his kinesiology to “copulate” with a penis the size of a pencil stub, or how one grafted from a roll of transplanted forearm-skin could have delivered whatever erotic sensation, *could* have been defended, again *devil’s-advocate*-wise, as “arguably” “logical.” The part where it *goes-wrong* is the fact that this is something one *looks-up at-home,* not *asks* the same-person who merely *made* one *think-of* the very-*question*–. To give you a parallel example of how your example pauses-short of the kind of conversational-manhandling *I’m* talking about, consider a store clerk an ftm has just asked to ask her manager if they had any more of a certain item in the back, who then says to her supervisor behind the counter, “Microdick over-there wanted to know if you had any. . .” At the voting parlor November, two people I knew all my life conversed in front of me about an incident where a public performer’s “wardrobe-malfunction” revealed her to be what is properly called *intersex* just so one of them could give himself an excuse to use a slur for that term in my presence, since it is also a slur for *ftm* or butch. The one who was listening to the one who said it in my presence and not even *to me* (like I wasn’t even there)–; was functioning as that other one’s *accomplice*. There was *further* innuendo, in that the worker who had to locate my registration-card in the card-file, made a big *show* of paging-past it *innumerable* times before finally *deciding* to pull-it-out so I could sign the book or actually have *voted*. It was just after she found my *card* that her *partner* there, launched the shtick about the so-called “morpho-dyte–;” which is between the word “Hermaphrodite,” (Intersex), and simply “Dyke,” or butch–. The *deeper* thread, was that when the card-file worker conspicuously pretended she wasn’t finding my *card* was a thinly-veiled *warning* that I could *no-longer take* it *for-granted* that the people who were charged with making-sure I got to *vote* would any-longer necessarily even have *let* me vote–; and when the man jumped-in afterward with the *insult*–; he was *reinforcing* this message, by implying that if I were to *challenge* any of these *taunts*, they would all-too-happily simply *disenfranchise* me, right-there on the spot, by lying that my *card* wasn’t in the *file*–. I’ve had these kind of terrorist-bluffs done on me in other so-called “operations” or establishments, where people implicitly threatened not to give me something either that was mine, or that I had paid-for–; although I decline to get specific due-to the potential that they could find-out I was telling on them and they would escalate this even-further. And *even-that* official-oppression–; is way-*far* from *the-worst*. I’ve known for a year and a half now, that it isn’t long before they finally either kill me or get me falsely-imprisoned. *This* is the *new* face of *anti-transgender violence*. Again, even stuff that is *simply-dysphoric* can be *more* than that when you may realize that it may simply be an attempt to *provoke* you into *giving them an excuse* to *bar* you from a store that you cannot afford to take off your *shopping-routes*. My neighbors refuse to consider the possible *reasons* why I *might* avoid stores they think were the most *logical* choices for me to use, and they start *faulting* me for “irresponsibly ‘wasting-gas,’ ,” or the like–; If I tell them why, they scoff that I am making it up. If I get them to believe me, all they jump-to *then*, is that *I* was *provoking* the whole thing by not *properly CONCEALING* my transgender identity. (In reality it is *rarely* if ever, actually *connected* to *that*–; it’s *the neighbors* who *make* that *leap*–;) They consider whatever-stores that harass me *heroes* for *doing* that, even if it *never* “changed” anything else except where I would go to shop–. *Aggressive* misgendering–; where they’re trying to *coerce* you into *actively* misgendering *yourself*–; I’ve encountered *this* quite-a-bit–; yet I rarely *read references* to it–; Aww-Jeez, man, done it again. The last comment I wrote that was even 2/3 as long as this one already ran 33% over my channel’s time-limit when I tried to read-it into the webcam today, and I wasn’t even finished *reading* it, even when I *saw* it had already-gotten actually *that* long–; I started my blogs and my new channels today, expressly so I could stop leaving more of these long-comments on any other YouTube channel-holders’ *comment-boards*, and look what happened *now*–! Oops–! Thank you all for reading my post. Have a great day, now.

Sommer Foster’s “I’m not an LGBT ally; I’m an Accomplice,” Reblogged from LGBT-Newsletter, December 13, 2015

I used to be a self-proclaimed ally. I had a gay best friend. I had gay and lesbian family members. I voted against the gay marriage ban. I pushed back against homophobic comments written on social media. I had an HRC Equal Sign sticker on my computer. I was progressive. I was enlightened. And I rightly believed that LGBTQ people deserve the same rights as everyone else. I was proud to claim my ally-ship as my identity. I was an LGBTQ ally!

Except, I wasn’t. I was just a decent person who believed in equal rights for everyone. That isn’t exceptional, and I certainly didn’t deserve a pat on the back or any accolades.

Through a lot of work and a lot of self-education, I learned that my ally-ship wasn’t helping the community that I claimed to be aligned with. The only person my ally-ship was helping was me. My ally-ship was about my status as an ally, not being an ally, and that is something it was never intended to be.

My first problem was I wasn’t talking to LGBTQ people about what they needed. Yes, I talked to my LGBTQ friends about work, politics, and random gossip. But, we weren’t talking about job discrimination, or how it felt to come out almost every single day, or the fear of walking down the street, or the intense bullying they face, or how society normalizes being cis or heterosexual and erases their identities at every turn.

So, once I started talking to folks, I realized that I needed to stop talking and do a lot more listening. I stopped calling myself an ally. I became dedicated to the principle of standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ community. I became an accomplice.


I reached out beyond my über-educated friends that lived in suburbia with super-supportive parents. If I was serious about standing in solidarity, I needed to listen to the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. I needed to listen to people who experience homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia, and I also needed to hear how the intersection of racism, sexism, and poverty contributes to further marginalization, especially for those for whom waking up everyday, and living an authentic life, is a revolutionary act.

Editor’s-Note–:  Bingo–!

As an accomplice, it was important for me to say, “Yes, I support you, and I am here with you. I am rolling up my sleeves. What can I do?”

As someone that has lead campaigns and has been a leader on many issues, recognizing that it is not my place to lead this struggle was a difficult thing for me to do. But I knew that for me to be a genuine accomplice, I needed to follow the lead of people who have lived this. I needed to follow those who have spent their lives engaged in the struggle for equality, particularly those LGBTQ people who are most vulnerable because as much as I can empathize, I can never fully understand.

It is also important for me to be accountable to the LGBTQ community and to accept criticism. It can be very easy to act with the best of intentions and still do significant amounts of harm to the people I love and respect by choosing tactics or methods that reinforce my own privilege. This is why, as I engage in this work, listening is one of the most important things I can do.

If LGBTQ people are telling us over and over again that something is wrong with our current tactics, it is important that we take it seriously. These critiques should not be taken personally; they should be seen as opportunities for personal reflection and growth.

I have learned so much on this journey and I am still learning, I am still listening, and I am still educating myself.

I will never be a perfect accomplice. I will make mistakes and those mistakes will allow me to grow. Sometimes I take up too much space, or reinforce gender norms, or I may even use the wrong pronoun. But, as an accomplice, I am willing to own that and say, “I’m sorry.” I am committed to being better.

I am committed to waking up every morning and asking, “What can I do to be in solidarity with the LGBTQ community today?” I hope you will join me.



Welcome to my New Blog. Introduction. Legendary Anti-Serendipity: Sisyphus meets Lord of the Flies

cropped-dscn0591.jpgThis blog is about Transgender issues, okay,  (or maybe “sort-of,” which I’ll get-into in a moment)?


I have been posting comments on YouTube videos for two or three years now, and only today I finally got a video I felt was worth (hopefully still, if I still don’t wince at it after I see it on the private YouTube screen), posting to YouTube, as well as trying to learn how to start a new YouTube channel.


I also tried to get a different WP account for this blog to match the new Channel I still hope to be able to get for YouTube, but as many WP users already know, they have somewhat more restrictions than other posting services.

The reason I took a blog here anyway, is because my video producing capability remains insufficient to express my message, even if I do decide that the video I shot today was worth putting up (I have several videos on my hard-drive or on the Private Setting on YouTube, but this would be the first one I would put up that I would actually have invited anyone to read).


Comments I put-up on other posters’ YouTube videos turn-into blogpost length articles from time to time, and that is what I managed to do again today, which is also why I started this particular blog today, which is my first one anywhere that had even any mention of Transgenderism, and in-which I try to spell-out the parts of my premise that I wouldn’t have been able to have shared on the comment-boards of video-posters from the publicly connected Transgender community.


My first attempt at blogging on WordPress, a blog that I since took down because I wasn’t satisfied with some of the contingencies of its reception, without getting-into that any deeper, had-been about closing intellectual disconnects, a theme that I still acutely realize runs-through all the spheres of modern intellectual, political, and academic discourse, and no matter how every faction parses or syllogizes its case, the one thing that is all-but-guaranteed to go straight-over its respective-head, is the fact that however laser-tuned they are to their own argument, they couldn’t hit each other with wide-scatter muskets at 100 paces, because they’re never listening to each other.


I’m sure I’ve explained that repeatedly in earlier posts on other blogs I have here, but how that applies in particular to the Transgender community is not just between the Transgender community and opponents from random Cis (completely non-Trans) populations, but both between the Transgender community and the rest of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual, and Transgender) community, and within the Transgender community itself.

The semi-infighting between the Transgender community and the LGBT community is over the fact that both since the beginning, and increasingly now, Non-Trans (Cis) members (LGB) of that community have objected to the inclusion of Transgender (Trans, or Trans*) persons.                                   cropped-dscn1078.jpg

Arguments for doing this have included:

That Transgender people were too far from the mainstream, moreso than people who are “only” different in their sexual or romantic orientation–; or too small of a minority.

In fact, some Cis LGB people actually are Anti-Trans,* or Transphobic.

The other way the preceding argument is used to argue for exclusion of Trans* people from the LGB community, is that the fact that they are as much further from the mainstream as they were, would make them need too much more support than they would have been able to reciprocate back to the rest of that community, and they would have found this to be a kind of unfair burden.


Another argument for Trans* exclusion from LGB, is the fact that Transgender is the only category which is based on the Identity of the entire person, rather than just the sexual orientation of the person, the latter of which is only relevant when the person decides to pursue a sexual or a romantic interest, which in fact, it is possible for anyone to go through their whole life without doing (although it would be hard).

Identity on-the other-hand, is something quote-unquote legally “Assigned,” (a word that still makes me grit my teeth every last-time I hear it, since, other than legal issues like bathrooms, hospital rooms, etc., you can’t make anybody be anything she or he doesn’t want to be, or that they already aren’t). and is–; based on not merely the legal aspect, but innumerable “social codes,” inescapable.

It is for this reason, that not merely the Cis people in LGBT but also the Transgenders there, don’t particularly care for a category that addresses something so conceptually completely different from the rest that, for it to get confused with the other thing would create ideological havoc, and undo a lot of the public education the Cis LGB community had already undertaken even by the time the Transgender community arrived on the scene to seek to be included with them.


For a long time, people who didn’t know what “homosexuality” was, inferred from the discovery that they liked to have sex with another person who was the same anatomical sex as they were, that this also meant that they psychologically Identified with the gender of person who heterosexually would-have been attracted to that gender, which of course is instead the definition of Transgender, and which does not apply to the concept of homosexuality, although that misconception was considerable for decades, and even today it has not been completely-expunged at least among the very-ignorant.

Conversely, since that miconception had floated-around for the number of generations that it had (and also because, for a long time, there had been no commonly-known term for actual Transgender people anyway!), if one observed an individual who was dressed-like and/or acting like a member of the gender opposite that to which they were “assigned” at birth, the observer would tend to look at that as “just another way of ‘being “gay,” ,’ ,” or homosexual or lesbian.


Even Transgender people themselves who didn’t know the term for that would tend to join a “gay” support or activist group, simply because they did not know even whether, let-alone where a group that actually handled what presumably even-they already knew that they actually were, would have been found.

Even after the terminology got-out, it was still extremely hard to find any organizations around that separately addressed Transgender, as-opposed-to merely gay / lesbian / bisexual support or activist issues, (and even what branches of LGB organizations tended to be proportionately-small within those respective organizations, and often were incomplete, including the fact that for a long time, the only “side” of transgenderism that was much-addressed was the “mtf,” (male-to-female) side, rather than the “ftm,” (female-to-male) side.  I say more about this-too, later.

At any rate, both LGB’s and Transgender people in support and activist groups don’t want to encourage regression in the outside public’s since learning that homosexuality is not an identity issue, and that people who identify as the gender opposite their birth sex are something other than so-called homosexuals, even if they are homosexuals as well.  (A homosexual Transgender person, is one who is attracted to people who identify as the same gender as-which the homosexual transgender person identifies.  If the Transgender person identifies as a male, and seeks the romantic company of other people who identify as male, he is a homosexual trans man.  The people to whom he is attracted could have been born with  vaginas or with penises, and if they were born with vaginas, they still could have those, with or without clinically or surgically created penises.  Reverse all these things for the definition of a Lesbian Trans Woman).


The arguments for retaining Trans* (The asterisk is because the term Transgender can be interpreted in a range of specificities ranging from fully Transitioned, through any stage of Transition, through just-realizing that one were Transgender, to finally people who simply either only feel Transgender part of the time, or who feel like they are somewhere in between male and female, but not simply one or the other.  The asterisk indicates at least one of the broader senses of the concept of Transgender) in the LGBT community, is that Transgender people finally have an opportunity now, now that Transitioning is being made feasible and available for so many more than ever within its (surprisingly-long) history, that it would be especially inopportune for someone who went-through a social liberation a generation ago to let this precious window close for this new group that is just getting its first chance to climb out of–; if what the gays had to do was to step out of a closet, what the Transgenders have to do is to climb out of what is more like a sealed bunker.


So those are the basic arguments on the opposing sides for inclusion or exclusion of Trans* people within the LGB?T? community, next, to move-on to the relative-infighting within the Transgender community itself.


Unlike LGB people, coming-out for a Trans person does not mean changing what they dress, act, or now with highly available HRT (hormone reassignment therapy, or hormone replacement therapy), the way they actually look and function under whatever kind of clothes they might have been-wearing.  Whether you’re a homosexual man or a lesbian woman, you’re still dating or cohabiting with a person of the same assigned-at-birth sex.  There is no operative difference between the two sexes of homosexuals.

In the case of Transgender people, however, there is a distinct polarity based on the respective direction of Identity change, whether this is done with surgery-after-hormones, just-the-hormones, or if the person already looks enough like the target gender even before taking any hormones (rare-enough, but it does happen).

This is another thing that sort of creates a divide between the LGB community and the Transgender community, this bi-directionality.


This also leads to the first of the in-fights within the Transgender community itself, since it consists of really two sub-communities, the peopl who were Transitioning (or already passing) as male-to-female, and those who were Transitioning (or already passing) as female-to-male.

While on the face of it, that might even-still have seemed to be no-more than a superficial difference, similar to the respective transitions of people riding escalators going in opposing directions who could watch each other (except that escalator trips take one minute and are temporary), but the asymmetries go deeper than just the obvious.


Historically, male-to-female “reassignment medicine” long-preceded the “female-to-male” form, and hence, had a long “head-start,” on the latter, in terms of both how proficiently procedures could be done or how confident prescribing doctors were for a while with the Transitioning hormones for the new group.

This led to perhaps a generation or more of ftm’s Transitioning already far less-successfully than the mtf’s at corresponding points within that period.

Consequently, ftm Transitioning Medicine was starting to get a damaged reputation as a result of it, and rumors even started to spread about how maybe the whole medical-professional pursuit of it might have started to be abandoned.

However, the cause rallied, and hormone treatments to Transition ftm’s were improved, restoring the client-flow and the result-quality, and restoring the volume of demand for the more advanced levels including surgery.


For ftm’s, chest-surgery, called top-surgery, is proportionately more popular relative to genital reconfigurement surgery, called bottom-surgery, relative to mtf’s.  This is because for mtf’s, since what they would get would be an augmentation of organs that are more esthetic than functional to begin with, that they have a complete option of substituting prosthetics there, whereas with ftm’s, what they have already-there (and which the hormones-alone, sadly don’t-fix) is something that they not-only want-to get rid-of, but can’t easily hide (except through the practice of so-called binding, which trust me you wouldn’t want to do if you didn’t have to).

Conversely, genitally, the mtf’s are removing a biomechanically auspicious and extensive, visible, external organ, and what (if anything) they’re having constructed, is something that is flush-to-invisible, and which doesn’t have to do the complex biomechanical maneuvers that a penis does.  It’s not automatically that difficult.

Ftms, genitally, on the other hand, are only removing something that is invisible whatsoever to only visible in the nude, and trying to add something that is biomechanically very auspicious.

This is why for ftm’s, the priority surgery is nearly-always the top-surgery, although some of them go-without even-that, agreeing to continue with whatever binding they would have been doing before.


The point for this sub-thread, is the fact that ftm’s even when there are a lot of them, compared to the mtf’s, their volume of demand for genital surgery is much-lower than that of the mtf’s.

This lower demand added to the fact that the genital surgery was far harder to perform (least-of-all to perform well) on the ftm’s than it was on the mtf’s, to make the genital surgery for ftm’s lag even further behind that of mtf’s than whatever problems doctors might have been running-into with getting the hormone-therapy right (hormones are easier for ftm’s than they are for mtf’s; however that doesn’t mean there was never a learning-curve for the doctors even there).

These chronologic differentiations make ftm’s relative latecomers to the Transgender party.


A consequence that this has, is the fact that ftm’s in particular proportionately missed-out on the first generations of Transitioning, which was all-but-solely mtf’s, where there were Restrictions that appeared to have been designed to turn this procedure into the equivalent of the scared-straight program they run for kids to make them not even think about experimenting with illegal drugs.  They appeared to have wanted to have made this process such a horror, that when word got-out everybody would get-discouraged.  Instead the opposite happened, and survivors of the gantlet instead went-out to their respective communities and educated them all on what it would take to make it through the lousy obstacle-course, and slowly, one cohort after another made it through, until some kind of I guess critical-mass finally accumulated within the population which sort of started it snowballing, that activism to normalize the attitude with-which this process was dispensed, and to quit the con-job that they were going to try to discourage it to death.

After that, restrictions slowly abated.

The volume of clients expanded, and this improved the kind of work that could be done, and the number of providers.

Ftm’s only came-in in significant numbers only by the time that mtf’s were already veterans of the horror-show that Transitioning long had been, and they were subject to being regarded as parvenus on said account, plus, as I said before, the fact that their Transition quality was cruder than that of the mtf’s made them seem even less easy to take-seriously as fellow mtf’s.


This led to the beginning of the so-called pecking-order within the Transgender community.


Even-though since that dynamic between the “senior” group, the mtf’s and the “junior” group, the early ftm’s, has since become not quite as harsh, on both sides, (although reportedly considerably moreso on the mtf side–;) there still remains a quite-ruthless pecking-order between successive levels of Transitioning compliance and success.

The highest level of the pecking-order include people who have completed Transitions with a high degree of success such that they are indistinguishable from cis people of the same gender.

The next highest level of the pecking order is people who completed their transitions in whom the “tells” that they even might be transgender at least are still so inconspicuous, that usually only a fellow Transitioned Transgender person would have been able to spot them at all readily.


This is followed by people who have completed their Transitions with some flaws apparent but who still nonetheless “pass” quite well.  A lot of cis people have gender “excipiencies,” like “tall horsy women,” little guys with small, round heads, small noses and jaws, and squeaky voices.  A lot of unaltered, cis people already could be said not to “pass” as their own birth genders as well as even the average successfully-Transitioned Trans person does at least Today.

The next rank, is somebody who is Transitioning, and for-whom it’s on-track–; the more-complete and successful the Transitioning-process, the higher the rank.

The next rank, is somebody who’s waiting to get their “hrt letter.”

Followed by someone who went through the process but for whom it either turned-out lousy or failed-outright, because, “at-least they-tried.”

Not even on the ladder–:  Somebody who hasn’t even sought-out an “hrt-letter–;” no-matter what-else they did-do, to pass–; and even-though, even-today, even that first-step isn’t really quite that-easy.  There is still a lot of gatekeeping.  Even for people where it wouldn’t make any sense.  And how much “sense” does really any gatekeeping for Transgender adults really make?


We let retarded people drive who may have the intelligence level of somebody under the age at-which drivers’ licenses are awarded.  How dangerous is it to let somebody handle two tons of steel at 40–60 mph?

And I’m not even saying that even (many) retarded people shouldn’t be allowed to drive.  In fact, many of them drive wonderfully.

In the case of ftm’s, the dosage of testosterone that is given to transition the female-bodied pre-hrt transgender male into a male-bodied transsexual male, is far less than the virilizing principle of anabolic steroids used by competitive bodybuilders in competitions.  Everyone’s heard of so-called “‘roid-rage,” but the very vast majority of people who are using even these substances never have that problem, or they just experience negative moods but do not act upon them through committing violence toward others.  Transitioning doses of testosterone, are not going to turn anyone into a raging maniac.  Transition-grade testosterone is not a weapon that needs to be licensed like a firearm.  (And yes, I do support continuing legality of firearms).

Do hormones cause health risks?

What kinds?  Cardiovascular diseases and strokes?

You can get those from eating perfectly legal foods, and not exercising.  That’s no big threat.

The only point I’m making is that the decision to become who one is, shouldn’t be so inquisited or micromanaged as it even-now still-is.


This obstacle-course indoctrinates people to treat transitioning as the horse-race it shouldn’t be, and blinds them to either all the effort someone who is unfairly rejected by the screening process still puts-into passing even however-well even-they still could-have, whom they then reject as just-cis.  Not even a “contender” to be considered Trans.


And as for anyone who no longer has the option to structure their life around the manic ordeals of trying to retain even borderline passing privilege without hormones, there is nothing but the deepest contempt among the ones on “the ladder.”


Returning to the history of Transitioning, as all the abatements of the toxic restrictions all mutually accelerated each-other, so that what had been the imperceptible trickle of the earliest days eventually mushroomed into what today is almost a tsunami, although clearly not-quite.

Many would say still not quite enough of one.

And guess who one of those people is.

Yeah, he’s typing this, of course.

Although that’s not the only position I take with regard to that question, because, as what the purpose of this blog is, it is also to treat the dangers of the disconcerting groundswell within posters on online-services who really think that this stuff is dispensed out of gumball-machines in the supermarket vestibules, which it most definitely certainly still-isn’t.

I wouldn’t necessarily argue that transitioning / maintenance hormones shouldn’t be as easy to buy as Bufferin T.  M.  , but the medical establishment isn’t having-that, and the closest that they would make it in terms of availability would be unlikely be easier to get than the most common mood-altering drugs like maybe the diazepam group, commonly represented by Valium.


What’s going-on in the Transgender community would best be described as “the ultimate” so-called “Perfect-Storm–.”

These drugs only just got okayed to be prescribed far more easily than they ever had been prescribed before, so they’ve only-been as available as they now are for the last four years or so.

The next “vector” or dynamic of the “storm,” is the fact that both providers and users of these drugs are utterly-focused on selectively prioritizing the dispensation of these drugs to people literally as young as possible, and you don’t have to debate the medical reasons for that with me.  We all know that even by the time a kid is born the wrong gonadal sex, her or his hormones have even already at least subtlely changed their skeletal and muscular contours (ever-notice the already-dramatic difference in the profile-shape of a newborn’s head between a natal boy (deep rectangle) and a natal girl (downward-pointing right-triangle with the hypotenuse in the back)?), so that, even-if somehow they could figure-out that even a newborn could say, “Mummy, I don’t like my physical sex,” whatever hormones they would even-then already administer to them, would already have about four-months worth of extant-damage to have corrected.

I’m not going to quibble about the truckload of reasons doctors give or have for administering transitioning drugs as-early in the respective-patient’s life as-possible–.

However, there also is another side to it, and even that side has got more components to it than just a single one.

Somebody who knew they were Transgender decades before they even knew the word, isn’t just a so-called trender.

Let’s leave that at that for now, and get-back to the question about the weird coincidence between the fact that the drugs just underwent a decisive (explosive) increase in availability between five and ten years ago, and have been about as available ever since.

Only a very small portion of people ever received or utilized these drugs before, and guess what-else–:  When they were getting them, they also were being indoctrinated for a long time, that what they were going to have to do once they had finished the Transitioning course on the drugs, would have become invisible, much as someone who otherwise would have joined the witness-protection-program.  Even after that strenuous prohibition was relaxed, the tradition it embodied hung-on for a lot longer.

The increase-curve in the availability of transitioning drugs was anything-but-linear, and the sudden explosion of availability, plus the fact that the concentration of direction of these drugs has been to people who were no-older than this level of availability of these-drugs.

You know what we’ve got here, then–; it’s Lord-of the-Flies (at least half of it, meta-literally “on-steroids”)–.

Every other medical-breakthrough was tested uniformly on all ages of the population (except for pediatric-specific diseases where there was no social opposition to the treatment).


The kids that are going to have to face the gantlet of social disapproval have no working-mass of any mature-adult role-models to help guide them through the maze, or to explain to them what life for them would have been like, if they would have had to go through the rest of their whole life without the prospect of physically Transitioning, or at least to have to wait until their thirties or forties for it.


If they had to ponder just the extreme moral onus of being just a 10 year birth-year stretch away from probably never having been able to do this–; would they still be able to handle that, or would they back-up from it and see how much braver they might have been when they were 32?  Sure, the hormones aren’t going to work truly quite as well then.  But the person still would be more mature.  Some people really-do just need that time to stop being, really still just teens inside.  And I think that this is a trade-off that really needs to start being considered.  Not necessarily first by the so-called prescribing-doctors–; whose training tells them to prioritize physiology, of course, but by the other members of the community for whom the ability of the person undertaking the journey to do so with wisdom, courage, and responsibility to those who will come after them along this path–; and who then will argue to those who are in a social position to advise these youths–; that 1.  They don’t really have to Transition when they’re 18.  If you aren’t ready to do it till you’re 32, we’ll still be there to support you through the process if you decide to do it then.  And 2.  That maybe you should hold-off on pursuing-that until you get older and more stable in ways other than your gender dysphoria.  If you pursue the Transition process at the current time, the extreme pressures, and the uncertainties, are likely to induce crises and panic-based emotional failures in you that would not have happened at the later age.  People who become emotionally distraught, are more likely to commit impetuous acts or acts of unnecessary desperation than were people who retained a greater degree of control.  This is truly crucial for a movement that is both figuratively in its infancy as it is being tried-out on its first-ever generation, and almost-literally also in its infancy in terms of the fact that most of the people progess is experimenting on are almost too young to tie their own shoes yet.


As-far-as all the embarrassed face-palms about the gushy, smarmy, squealy, “I want my hormones, and I want-’em Now–!,” crowd apparently all-over Tumblr (I can’t-stand Tumblr for anything, and I wouldn’t subject-myself to what it would do to Transgender kids facing easy-hormone availability for the first generation in history–;) although even to a disheartening extent also on YouTube.

Here’s the facts:  Before ready availability of Transitioning Hormones, people who undeniably-knew they were Transgender had at-best the option of what might have been limited passing privilege in certain communities where either the observers were open-minded about what women or men could actually have looked-like, or where they were generous about embracing the respective-people’s identity expression, or not judging or trying to degender them (insist that they were as-whom they were assigned-at-birth, and completely rejecting whatever otherwise efforts they made to express the contrary).

And for people who couldn’t even manage to “pass,” or “Present” even this well, the only-option was not to express their gender-identities at-all.

A person who doesn’t get to express something that profound or fundamental in the straightforward way, of dressing as what they know they actually are–; is going to find some roundabout, symbolic, or vicarious way to express it–; and generally that is not going to be any good whatsoever.  I’m trying to stay away here from the fact that an extremely-disproportionate result of this actually is suicide, for reasons I hope to get-into later, but, yeah, that’s a fact, too, and one that even if we want to, we can’t really-afford to step-around.

And a person whose only opportunity to express it (straightforwardly, by manifesting as the gender that they experience), is through bitterly strenuously modifying either their physiology to change their physique and to a however minor degree also their physiognomy (facial-structure, chiefly based on muscle-mass and fat-distribution or the lack of it), through dieting, tight foundation-wear, or relentless, brutal, weight-training, do we really want to tell these people, that everything that they’d gone-through, from the time they were sixteen to the time they were whatever age they reached by the time they realized that yes, even-they could afford hormones, “hello–?,” that no, they’re too-old to get them.  And it’s not just because of the physiological so-called efficacy-fade curve, but really much-more based-on the fact that there would be no social-support system for such would-be Transitioners, because everybody who’s doing it, is between 12 and 25.  With a few stragglers out to 40, but pretty-much anything over that is, what’s the word for somebody who’s a real-outlier?  Is that word freak, by any-chance–?  So they were treated as freaks growing-up, and throughout their whole adult-lives up-until the time when they realized that maybe, even-they can afford-hormones–; and then, what do they find-out?  That they (hey, why-ever Not–?wish-to do-this–; just makes them a Freak all-over-Again!   Can you even Think of a bigger Double-Bind?  Sisyphus had-it-Better–!  



It’s not even the fact that those of us who spent our lives to now making this sacrifice so that we could own at least a part of our Transgender Identites against the fact that we never yet were afforded HRT–; even-now again cannot–; it really is the fact that the only people who are afforded HRT are not merely just “too-young” to appreciate the fact that they are getting the equivalent of a free ride where anyone even ten years before them didn’t get any ride–; but the fact that even in this age-group, the ones who are getting it, the HRT–; are so segregated and cloistered, that they wouldn’t know an untransitioned Transgender adult if one ftm threw them high into the air, or one mtf did a killer drag burlesque-dance act in front of them.


Even when we older Untransitioned Transgenders do manage to pass–; it’s always-and-only with other people who are not part of that same YouTube / Tumblr crowd who are literally the New Face of The Movement–; much-older than the YouTube Transgenders, even when still much-younger than us–; and genrally not themselves Trans (unless they-themselves are actually post-Transitionvery-successful, so that even-we can’t necessarily spot them–!)

The people spearheading the current form of The Movement are exactly the least likely people even to Notice that older, Untransitioned Transgender people actually even were Transgender–!  



Additionally, if you put all the responsibility that until 5–10 years ago wasn’t even seen-fit to confer upon the vast-majority of even the most mature adult women and men–; in the hands of effectively nothing but teen-agers and post-adolescent, under-25’s–; it is more-than-inevitable that all you are going to do is rapidly to prove everything that the naysayers were insisting were going to happen if one would have afforded this ability to even anyone.  Whatever can go-wrong, now will go-wrong, and it’s happening.


There hasn’t been a strong increase in so-called recidivism, and that is not high among the negative-consequences that even-I actually expected to have-seen happen.

But it is obvious that anyone who before the easy hormone access, wouldn’t have worn the girdles the wrenching stiletto-heels, pancake-makeup, or hot wigs, or been a steak-scarfing, non-stop gym-rat, let-alone “bound,” or “packed–;” wouldn’t have been Identity-expressing for the 20–40 or however many years between when they really started to realize that they had to do something still to see who they knew they really-were, when at least they looked-at-themselves in-the-mirror

Who’s to-say how committed some of these giddy 12–15 year-olds were about staying-the-course throughout a Transition process, or whether they wouldn’t have conflicts later with expectations based on their “corrected” exteriors, versus a degree of unconscious socialization to the contrary that in their lack of sufficient soul-searching before asking for this, failed to reveal to them that they actually still had had.


What’s making the fact that Transitioners are in the worst possible age-bracket to be either troubadors to the world for this revolutionary new policy, or to have formed any sort of so-called vanguard against the still largely-underground backlash that is destined to form against this.

And do you know who knows about that backlash–?

Yeah–!  It’s we old bags and geezers out-here, who live in the trenches, and see it up-close and-personal every-day.

In conservative working class communities without university campuses.

And where are all the people who are getting the hormones living?

In college dormitories and affluent suburbs–!

The problem isn’t even economic anymore now that hormones are very affordable.  What it is, now, is social, and if you’re in one of these other communities that doesn’t have garages on the houses, or college dormitories, basically, you’re not going to come-out (or, if you do, you’ll either get aggressively-degendered by every person you pass and every clerk in every store, as well as your adult-siblings and all your neighbors and if you’ve got a car, you can even leave your house) anywhere-there–.

And you can’t get-away from-it online, either.

Most of the YouTube feed is TeaParty far-right.

The problem with the obviously very-enlightened even if they remain ignorant on certain key-points, although this is to be expected, because truth is masked by mass-media,–; liberals, is that they’ve been scoffing at YouTube the way the Hare scoffed at The Tortoise, but the crisis is, that far too many of those so-called reactionaries, and a lot of the stuff that they do say, is either evil, because they have some kind of a mental problem, that made them really-believe these terrible things they were saying, or it’s just pandering, because they already know full-well what they were saying were dead-wrong, but that they just delighted in seeing how many suckers they could con, and they wanted to play Pied-Piper, or ideological Dr. Frankenstein, and see how many angry zombies they could send shambling down-the-hill with proverbial torches-and-pitchforks–; but even though many of them are often evil, or at-best, selectively-misinformed–; They Ain’t Stupid!  Most of them are smarter than whatever liberal journalists were out-there, and a few of them, I’m afraid I’m going to have to admit–; were outright geniuses–; although really quite-evil ones–!

DO-NOT TAKE THESE PEOPLE FOR-GRANTED–!  I’M TELLING YOU THIS–!  I KNOW FAR-MORE THAN I could say even through a Blog, less-still one that hasn’t had any readers yet–; but until I get to connect with someone, there isn’t any more that even could be revealed, at-least through-me.