Blogged Response to Moog Ferlita’s ftm video, “Things You Shouldn’t Say to Trans People.”

Here’s the video.

New transgender awareness channel at Corresponding print-blogs at and These blogs are titled Transingularity, for what goes-on beyond the Event-Horizon between the connected transgender community online, and the atomized one that hasn’t found the Internet part of it yet, out in the “No-Trans-Land,” areas where untransitioned people have to hide almost everything when merely travelling, and “everything” from the people they *do* know. I am posting this on this video, because your video makes the point that a lot of cis-people seem unduly *ignorant* or without basic empathy for how the transgender person who would hear this would be *receiving* this, or how it makes them feel like a *mascot* or an *effigy* rather than being received by these others as just another *real* person *with-feelings* just as-which they all “receive” *each-other*. I have understood all these points for longer than I’ve been hearing them stated on whatever videos are made about this topic. What I got-on here to post *to you* was the fact that I wish I knew just how I would need to phrase what I would need to tell *you* about *this* in-order for to make *you* understand it. The stuff however-rightly *criticized* on the standard *transgender* videos that opt to *do* this, of course *is* quite *ignorant* as no-one would *deny*. What the people who travel in whatever circles share, or work-together to make, these-videos are completely obstructed-from–; is the fact that in most of even the west, there is no robust stream whatever of information about transgender transitioning, life, experience, needs, progress, or anything. Most people know less about Transgender people than they do about the supposed “Grey Aliens,” and *those* (hopefully) don’t even *exist*–! Most *cis* people out-here in what has become “No-Trans-Land,” think *we* “don’t-exist” *either*–! Worse, most Transgender people who interact freely within what I will here call, with no offense whatever intended, the Transgender “Citadel–;” *themselves* don’t believe that any *other Transgenders* “existed,” out in the *regions* where life, industry, and politics, seem to be characteristically *hostile* to us, so-called “No-Trans-Land.” The only ways to account for this would be by positing that the same “gene” we would want to “blame” for “remaining working-class,” would *also* automatically cause all one’s *kids* to have been *born irreversibly CIS–;” which I only stated *aphoristically* (humorously), because we both know that working-class lifestyle is not-at-all “genetic,” and that whatever *genetics* would have been involved in *Transgender* would be too complex to parse anything like-that. Or that everyone who doesn’t get to see other Transgender people about will automatically decide to “Restructure” themselves as “Cis” people–; and that they are invariably, or at least nearly-invariably, “successful” at doing this. Which in turn implies that Transgenderism is something that can be *extinguished* by nothing more forceful than simple *lack of positive reinforcement* without even any *fear* or *violence needed* to be added to the cocktail of so-called *discouragement* which *also* leads to the prospect that a preponderance of the people on the Internet media who affirm that Transgender *is* congenital-or-primal, or immutable, were merely chanting some mass-mantra to cover-up the “fact” that they were “all just” some “bunch of ’cause-groupies,’ ,” “pretending to be” a “fake” thing “we’d called” transgender “to have” a novel experience or “get” public-attention–; which I am merely stating to play devil’s advocate and which I know as well as you did were completely-wrong–. But the time I hear *myself* saying it, I know that probably at least *100* of our burgeoning *adversaries* have already *published* it somewhere, so don’t run-me out-of-town for even “just” “saying” it. But there *are as much* of a proportion of *Trans* people born out here in Transphobic working-class and similar communities who used to go around fully-expressive, but who since have had to douse either nearly-everything about their expression, or in some cases *quite* all of it–; because of an unprecedented escalation of resistance, manipulation, and violence. Whose only upshot-here, is that there are this many more trans people beyond for instance, the suburbs, than what one would actually appear to have *seen* instead out *here*–; than there would have been *before*. The fact that Transgender people out in “the wastelands,” the “No-Trans-Lands,” have been driven so-deeply *underground*, that they can no-longer even find *each-other* anymore, even when both of them may be looking *directly-at* each-other from six-feet away–; is the reason that all the *Cis* people *around* them–; would have gotten WAY more “Transgender-Ignorant,” than even any of these admittedly irrational or pathetic *zingers* you have listed here in your still clearly quite-swell *video*. The cis people (meaning everyone I know) *I* have to deal-with, whenever I have to deal with *anybody*, enforce self-misgendering by-me of-myself to them, via *martial-law* style *edict*. No matter how many times I tell them to *quit* with the *blatant innuendo*, like *fawning* over me, every time all my scissors wear-out and I can’t crop my hair anymore, prompting me to I hate it because it just makes me look like a stereotypical “nutty-professor” type–; instead of even slightly *professional* or *businesslike*–; they’ll mentally *cock-their heads-sideways,” and *squint* as many times as they *have* to–; just to see *whatever’s left* of that “*Gur-rull*, they’ve *trained* themselves to *expect* to see right-up-front *at-first-glance*. And whatever gets my *hair* just to *grow-out* no matter how badly it falls in front of my ears or gets full of cowlicks, all they can see is whatever part of it had *grown-below* my ears, and this “shuts-off their butch-phobia alarm (rolling-my-eyes in distasteful-contempt for-them)–.” Zingers *I* get *from-THEM*–; make *yours* seem like something you’d *HUG* someone for, for saying in a *sensitivity-training* class–! “Oh-Gee, Donna-Jean–; it rilly looks like you been *Tryin’* heah–! You get a gold-star this-week, darlin’–!” They’re so bad I can’t even force myself to *type* them *for-myself* let-alone *share* them with anybody as gratefully *unexposed still* to recoil as you have been doing-here at at-least *those* ones you’d *presented* in the *video*. No matter how many times I tell them to *quit* with the *blatant innuendo*, like *fawning* over me, every time dull scissors keep me from cropping my hair till it grows-out in all directions and no-matter how actually-*bad* this actually-looks–; all they do is *still* keep turning-it back on-*me* or telling me *how i* “*NEED* to-feel, about *my own hair*–; that there’s *something-wrong* with me, when I don’t paint a smile on my face for them, when something on me got however unwantedly “less-butch,” and more girlish (meaning, of course, *dysphoric*). We’ve all heard of so-called “codependents–;” what the people *I’m* describing could be called was, “reverse-co-dysphorics,” because *they* get *vicariously CIS-dysphoric,* any time they see *us* do anything that relieves *our* natural *transgender* dysphoria–! Do they even know the *meaning* of the phrase, “Mind your own business-?” Even if they *know* they can’t *erase* what I am, or “make-it-stop,” with whatever amount of their shameless *nagging*–; the fact that it *never-works* for them–; has not-the-least *impact* on the rate at-which they *continue* to *do* it–. There’s a lot-more here that I couldn’t even *tell* you about, because there would be secondary-ramifications–; which unfortunately would *make* this point far more-clearly than anything that I actually *could* have said–. My net-point *for-you*–; is that a far-greater proportion of *Cis-people* than perhaps even as recently as simply before you started your own transition–; today have become *so inured* to an *absence* around-them, of *any more* visible trans people, or *likely* or *plausibly* trans people–; that they have morally-imploded in that area to the point where they cannot even *see* any *actual* trans people they finally *did* encounter, as anything more than *effigies* or *mascots* who had *no real sensibility* about *anything*. It’s like we were *animatronics* that they could *pinch* or *pose*, and we wouldn’t even *know-the-difference*. Simply wanting to know how a man would adjust his kinesiology to “copulate” with a penis the size of a pencil stub, or how one grafted from a roll of transplanted forearm-skin could have delivered whatever erotic sensation, *could* have been defended, again *devil’s-advocate*-wise, as “arguably” “logical.” The part where it *goes-wrong* is the fact that this is something one *looks-up at-home,* not *asks* the same-person who merely *made* one *think-of* the very-*question*–. To give you a parallel example of how your example pauses-short of the kind of conversational-manhandling *I’m* talking about, consider a store clerk an ftm has just asked to ask her manager if they had any more of a certain item in the back, who then says to her supervisor behind the counter, “Microdick over-there wanted to know if you had any. . .” At the voting parlor November, two people I knew all my life conversed in front of me about an incident where a public performer’s “wardrobe-malfunction” revealed her to be what is properly called *intersex* just so one of them could give himself an excuse to use a slur for that term in my presence, since it is also a slur for *ftm* or butch. The one who was listening to the one who said it in my presence and not even *to me* (like I wasn’t even there)–; was functioning as that other one’s *accomplice*. There was *further* innuendo, in that the worker who had to locate my registration-card in the card-file, made a big *show* of paging-past it *innumerable* times before finally *deciding* to pull-it-out so I could sign the book or actually have *voted*. It was just after she found my *card* that her *partner* there, launched the shtick about the so-called “morpho-dyte–;” which is between the word “Hermaphrodite,” (Intersex), and simply “Dyke,” or butch–. The *deeper* thread, was that when the card-file worker conspicuously pretended she wasn’t finding my *card* was a thinly-veiled *warning* that I could *no-longer take* it *for-granted* that the people who were charged with making-sure I got to *vote* would any-longer necessarily even have *let* me vote–; and when the man jumped-in afterward with the *insult*–; he was *reinforcing* this message, by implying that if I were to *challenge* any of these *taunts*, they would all-too-happily simply *disenfranchise* me, right-there on the spot, by lying that my *card* wasn’t in the *file*–. I’ve had these kind of terrorist-bluffs done on me in other so-called “operations” or establishments, where people implicitly threatened not to give me something either that was mine, or that I had paid-for–; although I decline to get specific due-to the potential that they could find-out I was telling on them and they would escalate this even-further. And *even-that* official-oppression–; is way-*far* from *the-worst*. I’ve known for a year and a half now, that it isn’t long before they finally either kill me or get me falsely-imprisoned. *This* is the *new* face of *anti-transgender violence*. Again, even stuff that is *simply-dysphoric* can be *more* than that when you may realize that it may simply be an attempt to *provoke* you into *giving them an excuse* to *bar* you from a store that you cannot afford to take off your *shopping-routes*. My neighbors refuse to consider the possible *reasons* why I *might* avoid stores they think were the most *logical* choices for me to use, and they start *faulting* me for “irresponsibly ‘wasting-gas,’ ,” or the like–; If I tell them why, they scoff that I am making it up. If I get them to believe me, all they jump-to *then*, is that *I* was *provoking* the whole thing by not *properly CONCEALING* my transgender identity. (In reality it is *rarely* if ever, actually *connected* to *that*–; it’s *the neighbors* who *make* that *leap*–;) They consider whatever-stores that harass me *heroes* for *doing* that, even if it *never* “changed” anything else except where I would go to shop–. *Aggressive* misgendering–; where they’re trying to *coerce* you into *actively* misgendering *yourself*–; I’ve encountered *this* quite-a-bit–; yet I rarely *read references* to it–; Aww-Jeez, man, done it again. The last comment I wrote that was even 2/3 as long as this one already ran 33% over my channel’s time-limit when I tried to read-it into the webcam today, and I wasn’t even finished *reading* it, even when I *saw* it had already-gotten actually *that* long–; I started my blogs and my new channels today, expressly so I could stop leaving more of these long-comments on any other YouTube channel-holders’ *comment-boards*, and look what happened *now*–! Oops–! Thank you all for reading my post. Have a great day, now.


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