To Secular Talk, for his video about Five Instances where Transgender Students were denied their right to Identity Expression

I’ve enjoyed your programs before, Secular Talk, before I started my current channel *Transingularity*, which has eponymous companion blogs on Blogger and WordPress. You’re passionate, and you clearly try to be rather more *Logical* than the people you’re Critiquing. It is important that we supportive listeners *do* show *support* to speakers who are expressing ideas we (even at least *basically*) agree-with, to much-larger audiences than we-ourselves feel we would likely have been able to reach on our own. This, unfortunately, creates a *Dilemma* for us, when we hear a speaker who is doing the *Right-Thing* by-us–; but who–; unfortunately–; may not always be *Performing* the task with necessarily the level of *Skill* or [responsibility] that we felt were *Requisite*. Merely *Settling* for, the “*Least*-” Deficient *Presenter*–; even when there were frank *hordes* of entirely more-competent *Speakers* on *the other-side*–; really isn’t *any-better*–; than one’s just *throwing-in the-towel* or *joining* the opposition–; because–; in-either-case-; the *Outcome*–; were going to be the same–. So don’t treat what I’m about to tell you as just another perverse instance of the proverbial “No-Good-Deed’s Going-Unpunished–;” You’ve got *the right-idea*–; but there were way too-many *logical-fallacies*, in the speech you just-delivered here. That, unfortunately, gave the whole effort, the unpleasurable and unsettling impression that it was all little more than counterfeit-effort, patronizingly-done all for the sake of mere *lip-service*, with the subsurface-message, that the target-audience are a bunch of desperate-beggars so-anxious for that one-crumb or that one isolated ray-of-sunlight, that they would grovel with feigned-gratitude for even the least-convincing sign that someone-else were at-least, giving-them the most condescending little *shout-out*–. This seems to be *an error* within whatever editorial-communities–; (particularly *outside-of* what is commonly called *the* political *right*–; where there is *better-cohesiveness*–;) try to “Cover–;” an *extended-range* of possible client *communities*, *issues*, or *topics*–. While *the-fact* that at-least they may be *at-least attempting* that–; even-when it has become a problem-in its own-right that so-few people even *did*–; and that the *set* of separate-groups with at-least *closely-related* issues therefore suffer critical *balkanization* or fragmentation, as a *result*–; the thing that these would-be “pan-issue” speakers then *get-wrong*–; is the fact that they mistake, cramming, whatever-*number* of separate *issues* onto their *plate* for knowing *what* to say about possibly any *one* of them–; or they might-be *on-point* with at-least *some* of *these-issues*–; but *only at*-the-*expense* of whatever *others* –; of-whom his *mis*-handling–; otherwise creates the disturbing *Impression*–; that those-groups’ respective-*Inclusion*–; is otherwise only “for-the sake-of” what might be called formalistic or token “completeness–;” or pretty-much, as an *After-Thought*–. One of the problems *younger* speakers have, is that they don’t think the audience can see their lips moving when they are putting-on their ideological puppet-shows–; whereas it *actually* is *tooth-gratingly embarrassingly* obvious–. If you’re *watching-yourself*, *presumably* you’ll at-least *register* that “*something’s-off–;” whenever your mind hands you an ideological-or logical-“klinker–;” but if there are *a thousand* pairs-of-ears on what you’re-saying–; take-it for-granted that anything that only *just-barely* gets-caught in *your-own* intellectual *Filter*–; is going to *set-off* the *Total-Nonsense Alarm*–; in 5-to-20 or more of those in *that* mass. Did one want to *Protest* the-implication of that–; by then-saying, that, “Well, I’ll just *Selectively* Ignore *those* few ingrate-*Malcontents*. *Dammit*–!;” *realize* that *those* ones who are *perspicacious* enough to *catch* your *logic-errors* really-are the most-*valuable* part of your *audience*, because *they* are the meaningful negative-feedback system to help you become the *kind* of speaker that really can *help*–. I *regret* to tell you that your report presumably *defending* transgender-students was instead so-*rife* with blatant *Logical-Errors*–; that it could-have been viewed as almost more of a *parody* of the plight of *transgender-students*–; than as any-whatever then-*defense* of-them–. Your first argument, about the speciosity-and hypocrisy of the “girl” getting sent-home from the “prom” for “wearing-jeans” passed-muster–; in-that it *was* logically self-consistent–. Your train went off-the-track during your critique of the “boy” who was told to “wash-off” “make-up,” he had “worn” to “class” on “the last-day,” and then-given an apparently *quite-specious* argument for their-having *required* him to have-*done* that–; when you argue first that it’s “swell,” or “okay,” for a “male” student to “wear make-up publicly–;” and try to introduce an ostensibly-*supportive* secondary-argument for-that–; in-the form-of referencing *your-own* practice of dabbing smears of typical *acne-makeup” on isolated *blemishes* you may find on your face, *for-the-camera*–; even-though this is *clearly*, *not*-at-all *the-same*, as make-up *that is-used expressly* to express a *female* or *feminine*, *identity-sense*–; For God’s sake, Sec, *don’t make* any of *your listeners*, *have-to point this out to-you*–! Then–; perhaps *actually* catching this glaring boo-boo–; you launch into saying, regarding how the so-called “make-up,” *even-you* actually *would* or *did use*–; actually was *totally-different* from the kind of make-up the admonished male-student had *been-wearing*–; yet you don’t state this as any *correction* or *revision* of what you had *just* said–; but *really* sound more like you were instead-*amplifying* or *defending* that *other-remark*–; like you were using your *free*-foot to *pry-out* the one you already had *gotten-into your-mouth*–; but-*instead*–; only-managed to have-gotten *that*-one *caught* in-there–; *along-with* the *other* one–! Without continuing this-fineness in level-of-scale (not-that it’s that-*fine*–;) of *analysis* for *the-rest* of your *gaffes*–; the *main-point* about what you’re most-*consistently doing-wrong* here–; is a case of *missing the* relative-*forest* for-the-*trees*–; in-the sense-that–; while it *remains* however *completely-valid* that the schools all are engaging in *intellectual-dishonesty* and *hypocrisy* every time they apply a *Contrived argument* or duplicitous pseudo-justification, every-time they argued-for another given-student’s prohibition from expressing variance from assignment in gender–; the point common to *all* of them, is that this was present perhaps *every-time*–; so treat the *whole-disease*, then–; not-just the *individual-instances* of manifefst-*symptoms*–. There are *Two* things *going-on* in *each* of *these-instances*–; whereas you *Address* consistently only-*one* of them–; where those *Two-Issues* are *Gender-Assignment Role-Policing* in its role as being inconsistent with the individual-expression code of this democratically Constitutional-Republic (to word it loosely; please, let none of you legislation-experts derail-at me by *Nitpicking* the meaning of my usage of the word *democratic*)–; whereas *the-other* issue is that of the specific-*implication* of whatever *dissonance* there is between *increasing* transgender expression within society outside the classroom–; versus otherwise whatever *otherwise* changes–; there might-have been in the structure of the classroom-itself, viz the unprecedented changes to the entire Western K-12 education system since phony programs to “improve” it, including “No Child Left-Behind,” and “Race To the Top–;” which actually are two stages of a program called “Common Core,” which is the most anti-educational measure ever adopted, and throws all children under the bus to gratify bureaucrats that they were being duly lionized as the kings-of the-hill they always expected to have-remained, no-matter what-else happened anywhere-else, to anyone else. A good idea can be gotten of the form of the changes to modern education can be gotten through episodes written about school (or child-services law) changes in the satirical comedy of Mike Judge in his earlier animated program “King of the Hill,” (no relationship to the context within-which I had used that expression proverbially in my last sentence–;) Rigid, formal, bureaucratic *Rules* are continuously *Invoked* to demand another *measure* against a *student* (or their *parent*), that utterly flies-in the-face of *Common-Sense* of any-kind–. Somewhere in the 1990’s, schools were the place where the implicit meaning of the policy-term, “Zero-Tolerance,” suddenly was *flipped 180-degrees*–; from connoting a practice or policy that was generally prohibitively and redundantly *rigorous*, and which was *condemned* to have caused incomparably more *harm* than even whatever *good*–; to suddenly *the ideal standard* for *enforcing anything*. An early precedent was a school who based their defense of a “Zero-Tolerance” policy against students having *weapons* on their persons, in their desks, or in their lockers at school–; which might have been excessive if the school were a high-school, or if what they were considering a “weapon” were perhaps a *fingernail-clipper–;” but the item was a pocket-knife, and the school topped-out at eighth grade–; so I thought, this school is too small in presumable size to recognize that much “autonomy” in that spacial “intimacy” among kids that “young,” so that, yes, the policy *was appropriate*. The problem was, that too many news-viewers got-sold on the *universal* legitimacy of “Zero-Tolerance” by schools right after *this* long even *before* so-called “school-shootings by-students* even had become-a-thing, and there largely was almost a *lynch-mob mentality* in the general-public, against *school-students*, over ever-increasingly even the most *trivial* of perceived *infractions*–. The kid getting-suspended for chewing his PopTart (R) into the shape of a two-dimensional cut-out outline of a *hand-gun* as merely a wry *joke* was when this *hyper-bureaucratization* and scapegoating of school-children or students–; rose to the status of the *Spanish-Inquisition*–; *complete* *blind*, acceptance of whatever the ever-increasingly *mindless* bureaucracy *dictated*. These opaque-heirarchies mis-deputize *everybody* down the *long-ladder* of the *chain-of-command* so that *everybody* is recruited to be the top-level’s *hired-gun* with *the only* person deprived of even *any* recourse or recognition *whatsoever’s* being the poor *student* in the school–; Now, given *this*, it is at least *equally* likely, that schools were bullying *transgender* students by increasingly denying them opportunity to have *expressed* their *identity*, because they had trained everybody in the system to *bully* or *betray everyone* in the student-body–; yes, *again,” *not* just by *denying* freedom to wear specific *clothes*, *hair-styles*, or *make-up*–; but also by *their* ostensible *justifications* for those *prohibitions*–; which–; as-you clearly-say here–; are *cut-out of whole-cloth*–; *on-the-spot*–; *to-spite* each-respective-*student*–. People who already know how oppressive, treacherous, and unfair to the individual student the entire education system has become, and become that way, even before youth-transitioning or recognition of transgender-identity had even emerged in-earnest with the access-enablement of hrt–; will be selectively-Unimpressed at how your analysis completely overlooks either that widely-known reality nor the salient or controlling role it would have played here. Transgender people will feel however-*Slighted* by your sloppy treatment of this analysis of how young transgender people are treated in the education-system, but we tend to be at least somewhat forgiving for what that’s worth. The one’s you’ve really got to worry-about are the *Anti’s*, namely, *Transphobic* people. When I was growing-up, I was never deprived of an education about how indescribably, ineffably *monstrous* “Transphobic people,” or their weird, assassinatory *Institutions* and *Agencies* could-be–; and my life was a constant *flight-from* and *vigil-for* the approach of *the next* one, whether when I got called into the *Office* or threatened and abused there, the next-time in a school, or a huge, menacing *goon* would be sent to my parents’ house to *Occupy* it, or again to *terrorize me*, or when I was trying to find a minors’ advocate to challenge something my Mother had coerced me into doing that could have been proven to have been demonstrably unacceptably detrimental, this was *hijacked* by one of the people I got dishonestly *referred-to*’s instead trying to bully me into submitting-to evaluation for *treatment* for the fact that I expressed my transgender identity, which they wanted to assure me, *they* regarded as being *more* “Taboo–;” than the entire *rest* of the *Western-World* all *put-together*–. After that, I would encounter social harassment I would be subtlely-informed was linked to my gender expression repeatedly throughout my post-college years and early-adulthood, and one after another emissary of this cult of institutionalizable Transphobia devised one way after another to sabotage successive periods of my progressively unfolding lifetime. There’s *No-One* who can tell *Me* Transphobia wasn’t *Gigantic*, *Towering*, and *Rabid-and-Relentless*–. But now that doctors have *Enshrined Kids* who normally wouldn’t be empowered to pick what color bicycle they were going to get, are being *Guided* into hrt and even surgery before they are even old-enough to drive a car–; These kids are so weak and green, the best I can say about them, is that they look to me like a little baby sitting in a diaper, wearing a baby-bonnet and holding a rattle, sitting in one of those play-pens, and babbling, “Today, I rode in a fwying sosser, and I watched mommy bake a cake. It came out bad, coz she fogot it woz in de ovin. Too bad. Tomorrow, I am go-wing to be a boy (girl) instead of a girl (boy), and Mommy-and-Daddy awe go-wing too hellp mee wit’ aww of ‘dat. Hee-hee-hee.” They have *No Perspective* on this *whatsoever*. They think “*harassment*” or “*intolerance*,” are just some innocuous, isolated-and-fleeting little light-taunts, like somebody shouting from across the inside of the seating area of the stadium, “Hey, I see the late Robin Williams over-there dressed as Misses Doubtfire,” or calling an ftm “Jerry Louis–;” because of the untransitioned physique. They have no idea what this put *me* through in *my* life before hrt was even a *pipedream* for all but a few of us who mostly were used more to *scare* the remainder, out of *even-contemplating* getting-it, than ever to have *inspired* any more of us–; and they have no idea how many instances of this brutality (confinement and permanent neurological injury through knowingly toxic *drugs*–;) terrorization (occupation of my home by a stranger, who was intimidating my own parents out of either challenging them or protecting me), and an unending saga of unspokenly “corrective” intentions to commit “date-rape,” and vile, endless *opportunistic* oppressions, where specific people *just* patiently-*waited like* so-many *vultures* for me suddenly to be cornered by some new life-crisis so suddenly *then* they could just *pounce* or reveal their *long-hidden resentments* about the fact that I *revealed* who I *was*.


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