Predictable Course for Transgenderism over the next 15 years.

I had a majority of what you detail in this video happen to me throughout school, too. I think testimonials like this are crucial for restoring (even terrifyingly recent) community-history grounding to the current group forming the focus of hrt which currently is only-just too-young to remember just very-recently, when hrt wasn’t easy to get at all. Their necessary community, saturative-immersion blinds them to whatever much-different environment outside the radius of the safe area–; whereupon the opposite immediately-ensues, with enforced *atomization* instead, then *burying* resident transgenders and making them *invisible* instead–; and also creating continuous prominent areas where the average resident wouldn’t even know what a “transgender” person *was*–.

1. A small to tiny (and sub-adult) population of transgender people is singled-out to get the bulk of the transitioning, or to get lined-up for it.

2. The rest of them, the ones who lived-through the scourges and the purges, remain- stranded.

3. The sudden greenlighting of hrt as contrasted with before, is *functionally* suddenly shifting the *working* definition for trans identity from reflecting what the person feels-inside, to that of how-swiftly they can access a medical service.

3.1 People who suffered and survived for 1-3 generations prior to this greenlighting will be predominantly-to-mostly outside access to this service, and now, they won’t even be recognized as transgenders *at all*, but will be given some insulting *downgraded* new name, like with “Pluto,” the new “dwarf” planet (asterisk, “asteroid–;”) like, “trans-perceptives,” or “trans-delusionals,” “old-model trans,” or something equally cringe-inducing, as that–.

3.2 Those in the age-group the doctors were ensconcing, will become so consumed with the still-exhausting and-treacherous process of transitioning, that their resulting tunnel-vision and endowment-effect “mission-obsession, will bring them to lead the charge in *un* defining less transition-ready *older* transgenders *as* any-longer even *transgender*.

4. The complete-severance of any back-line to community-history, will lead this desperate, mis-indoctrinated, service-chasing mob completely to alienate the historic community to the rest of society.

5. Society already has a far bigger hatred for transgenderism than even most “old model” (sexually-maturing before hrt-greenlighting) *transgenders* really realize or even suspect.

6. Once *this* change is introduced, even the parts of society that *used to* *like* transgenders will become *outraged*.

7. The erupting backlash will mushroom into a full-scale pogrom, during-which the Constitution will be suspended exclusively and exhaustively for these individuals.

8. The whole transgender population will probably be systematically tortured and exterminated, and the very-concept will be accorded the death-penalty, or being earmarked as a permanent human lab-rat or some kind of practice-dummy, along with parallel multi-track *disinformation*, where transgenderism is liberally *misnamed* using terms like “homosexual,” “intersex,” “androgynous,” or that fifth horseman, “ConFUSED.” Reparative therapy will return with a vengeance, and chemobotomy, psychosurgery, ablative electroshock, and psychic-driving will all be the only things *then greenlighted* for any *suspected transgenders*.


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