Why Transgenders who finished puberty long before hrt need to tell how traumatic school was for us.

In Response to Erica Elizabeth Ravenwood, her YouTube video, “Transgender, My School Years:”  Transgender, My School Years

This was supposed to space-up as an Outline, with all sub-headings indented under their respective parent-headings, but the app justified them all to the same margin.

So, I’ve changed to indicating the Outline structure by going to a Decimal nesting-system.  The same way Operating-System versions are Numbered, is how my statements are numbered-here.

My main objective was to be able to reduce this logic to an outline.

The actual response starts right-here–:

I had a majority of what you detail in this video happen to me throughout school, too. I would contribute my own video about it, too, if I thought anybody would watch it, but I’m just far too obscure, and my talking about my life to an empty auditorium would just send the wrong message about *me*. And, I also see a fellow-commenter who likewise says they understand what you were talking-about, too.

I think today’s “conceivable hrt” era, demands that today’s transgender kids get deliberate exposure to just how bad it still was even as very recently as it still was. The fact that transgender people who are pre-passing including pre-hrt, can only transit safely in isolated enclaves,

1. Makes most cis people Ignorant. (And arrogant).

2. Makes pre-hrt’s like me, fully-aware of what transitioning involves, but unable to get         past stuff that happens out-here, in order to access it, both stress and increased risk or       active threat relative to those who remain-unaware.

3. Means most transgender people who finished puberty well-before expanded-                          availability hrt, probably still don’t know about it, meaning that they’re still                            discouraged.

4. Means that both hrt-aware and hrt-unaware adult transgenders living outside the                 “safe” enclaves, have to stay *closeted*, involuntarily contributing to our own                        invisibility. Both,

4.1. To *each-other*, so that we all each think that we’re “the only one.” At-least                           *there*.

4.2. To surrounding *cis* people, thereby reinforcing their extant                                                          *Ignorance* and arrogance) (See #1).

5. Pre-passing-level (including pre-hrt) trans people’s segregation to “safe” areas, means      that they are in a *cloister* with only *other* people who also traverse space of  this            level of “safety–;” whereby they progressively *Imprint* on  each-other’s both                  *appearance* and *customs / habits*–.

5.1. This would mean that, if they ever met typical examples of the *transition-impeded*           transgenders from *outside* their enclaves, (from what in my videos, I refer-to as               “No-Trans-Land–;”aka, “The Forbidden-Zone;” aka, “The Closeted-Districts–;”)               they would be unlikely to be able to *recognize* many of us–; and presumably                       would question the “authenticity” of our otherwise *Identity*, Women                                       with short hair and no makeup. Men who don’t work out, bind, wear prosthetic                        facial hair, pack, or use stp’s.

5.1.1. Instant, and Imprintative, prohibitive *Culture-Shock*, and Collective-Rejection.       The Inability of the *Recognized* contingent of trans people to Recognize the                          Closeting *Feral* population from *The Forbidden Zone* suddenly joining the                        transphobic cis set, in *Denying* that there were perhaps *any*, let-alone                              many* “Additional” transgenders in addition to the ones that already were                                Recognized. The self-Recognized Transgender Community will unnecessarily Continue                                  vastly to Under-Report its Numbers, and remain an acutely-vulnerable, tiny                             minority–. A vast-majority of Closet-District Trans who must continue to Closet, will be                           discovered then by indifferent, “hit-piece,” journalists, and cis transphobics                           who then will exploit the fact that such a vast majority of trans people spends                         its “whole” collective “life,” without enough so-called “dysphoria” to                                         propel them  toward so-called “hrt–;” and call-into-question the                                               very *validity* of either *dysphoria* or *transgender identiy* per se. Until they would start to  apprehend the however-disconcerting                                                   *differences* of Closet-District transgenders from Safe-Presentation                                            Enclave transgenders–; they have a continually “self-accelerated”                                              impression or so-called “Projection,” about how “all” transgenders are,                                     including the characteristic of instantly lecturing strangers, who likely                                        wouldn’t even know what a “transgender” person “was–;” about                                              “Pronouning–;”  As a result, “ambassadors,” who represent thos of us stranded in the                                         “Closet-District–;” (most-places), strut-about, beamingly-prattling in                                    what inevitably seems like a foreign language to both cis people, and                                             unaware trans people,either passing-through their enclaves on their ways                                 to somewhere-else, or even encountering these pubesce”trans-moonies,”                                who maybe had their car (bicycle) break down in one of                                                                     *our* neighborhoods.  (And Where by “moonies,” I mean they are perceived                               as actually *coming from* the moon, rather than merely as being                                                 a blinded follower of a bizarre cult-leader.




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