How about being forbidden to leave your house for the last 14 years?

How about knowing you will probably never be allowed to transition, even though, before you got targeted for anti-transgender beta-testing, you passed so well without it, people often refused to believe you weren’t born your target-sex?

How about only just finding-out that hrt was the new “thing” for transgenders, at least three years after that happened–; because no one had bothered to put-the word-out beyond the trans-friendly enclave–; and not having any way yourself to tell anyone-else out-here, who still hasn’t heard the news?

How about, not even being able to locate anybody-else who’s trans–; because–; anywhere you would have gotten to go–; it was all still the closeted-mainland–:  You are not dressing or acting unambiguously trans (remember the part about not being able to get hrt, and others not even knowing-about it) because you can’t there, and the strongest expression you could still attempt there, everyone will either ignore or still challenge–; so cis people will deliberately misgender you even if they do read you right, and many will just fall into denial  or tell-themselves that they were looking-at anything but a transgender person–; because after-allthose don’t-exist–!

Even fellow trans people, out-here, where we’re all closeted, usually either are too unfamiliar or awkward and constricted in skittishness to cast their gaze to anyone, and may even have enough internalized transphobic semi-rationalization to be especially distrustful of anyone who actually appears to be a fellow transgender (“too good to be true,” or, if you’ve ever heard the expression, “What looks-like the proverbial ‘light’ at the end of the ‘tunnel,’ could only have been the headlamp of an oncoming train.”)

I think the only people who wouldn’t care about the Orlando massacre would have to be extreme Transphobics.

A little analogous to how I felt about my Mother’s reaction when a facility housing 200 snakes burned-down, violently killing all the snakes in it.

I know I don’t care for snakes, as far as animals go, because the venomous and constricting ones kill people horribly, but snakes in drawers aren’t hurting anyone.  I’m guessing they were probably venom farm snakes who involuntarily “helped” big horses make antivenin, and therefore humanly valuable to boot.  What a bad way for any trapped animals to go, I thought.

My Mother responded, “Animals?  What animals?”

I answered, “Didn’t you hear, they just said that over 200 live snakes confined in a building perished horribly in a fire.”

My Mother snorted.  Snakes–!  I don’t consider snakes to be animals–!

That reaction took me aback.  I could have been prepared for the reaction, “Yeah, but they’re the worst animals, and I hate them, and I’m glad they died–; but the weirdillogical reaction, distortion of basic reality, saying something that is an air-breathing vertebrate, isn’t even an animal–; really seemed inappropriate, almost irrational.

While I have an admitted prejudice against snakes as animals, my prejudice comes from the way the dangerous ones kill or maim people, and if I find one where what it would be doing would be killing mice, I let it do its job for me.

The reason people in my Mum’s generation hated snakes to the point of irrationality, was because they were taught in Catholic school catechism class that snakes are an earthly representation of “Satan” / “The Devil,” and I used to have a family of neighbors who actually did go out of their way to kill any snake they found anywhere in the right-of-way area, even the nice big harmless snakes that didn’t just kill mice, but rats, too.

If anyone has already caught the analogy between being so brainwashed against a mere symbol from an historic religious text–; that one would ritually condemn a naturally evolved animal that didn’t have anything to do with that, even to the point of denying that it even was an animal, with transphobia.

When they hear about serial killers, they will say “That man,”  or “That woman,” should get the death penalty, should get the same torture they dealt-out to their victims as many times as they did it to their victims, it should all be video taped and played to everyone else on death row for similar crimes like Alex in “A Clockwork Orange,” etc., etc., but it doesn’t automatically occur to them first to say, “He’s not a man;”  “She’s not a person.”

But, when it comes to discussion of transgender people, that is almost always the very first thing they do.  Gender, to them, is deeper than human identity.  Better to take an elk camping with your beer-buddies, as long as it has neither cut-off its genetic antlers nor put-on a pair of fake ones, than even not to speed-up when a visibly transgender, uhm, I guess the word would be, travelling, inanimate-object, would have been crossing at the green light in the crosswalk.  

Transphobes are rabid against transgender people, and those of us who grew-up both without hrt, or any sign that it would ever become available to us, least-of-all, while it was still early enough to be likely to be prescribed to us, any prospect of locating any fellow transgender person till we were up to two or three generations past the age of most of the connected ones today, or any public space where we could interact openly with one another or to have simply been who we are with the cis-people around us–; we know exactly how rabid they are.

Hate the Orlando massacre–?

Why-Not?  What kind of monster wotook-place or were notactual hoaxesuld it take not to-have?

Hate many other publicized “shootings?”

Don’t want to be a “monster” any-more about those, than I would about the Orlando shooting, but there is at least more than “reasonable doubt” that many of these even took-place and were not actual hoaxes.

For an alleged shooting that was an actual hoax, we think not of the supposed victims, since there apparently weren’t any–; and we look-deeper into the motives for the hoax–; then-which were political.

For the Orlando shooting, no reports have yet-surfaced even calling this a “hoax–;” the deaths were real.

If this is just one transphobe / homophobe doing a mass execution / extermination in what amounted to one big “shooting-gallery,” that is a characteristic of transphobia.  Worse than the usual, but not out of range for it.

If it is a political manipulation by whatever kind of group, just using LGBT people as the targets for whatever political leverage, you-know, combination-off the-rail, six-ball in the corner-pocket–; then it’s cold and calculating and even-worse.

Grief and vicarious terrorized feelings after what happened somewhere else but at a spot like one would find onesself to be by choice or contingency, may be gut-reactions one couldn’t control–; but one must not force onesself, indeed must not allow onesself simply to refuse to examine the larger-picture at-least out-to the point where one could see that one’s community of identiy simply had been hijacked or manipulated to try to egg some other group on, to make an “example,” of one’s community, or to make just a political pawn of it–; in whatever other way–:

This is just the grisly welcome to the world that pre-greenlighting transgenders spent their long whole-lives in always feeling this fear, never being allowed ever to forget it–; MtF’s “protected” ironically, by the fact that they couldn’t get hormones, and still wielded the weapon of male-bodied strength–; and FtM’s having to hit the gym way more than they needed to pass, but enough actually to get as strong as possible, to be as invincible and uninviting as any target as possible.  Even if we weren’t going to be “the” people the cis community were trying to get us to “be–;” we still could never “be” ourselves, at least not publicly.

Chase’s passion and sensitivity is wasted in nearly every one of the videos he posts.  It’s another tragic example of how social media both milks and cultivates a culture of go-nowhere Solipsism for every separate community participating.

Everybody preaches to the choir, then performs for more adulation, forming a vicious-cycle cell-in-place, for every respective community.

People who make-sense, but otherwise are drab or uncharismatic–; are tossed by-the-wayside–.

That’s what becomes the problem when even such a word as “Edutainment” comes to exist.

Wanna fix your car–?

What do you do–?  

Find-Out how you’d like to think your car works–?

Or do you look to find-out how your car actually works–?


The answer there should be completely-obvious, of-course–.

If you try to put 2008 parts into your 1996 car, just because they are easier to obtain, you’re just going to break whatever was wrong with your carto-begin with, because those parts won’t fit, and they’re going to break something.

But why would you suddenlyy use any different approach, even anywhere else–?

One video channel posts these videos where one could refute 20% of what he was saying with one Google search–; what he’s saying is often so obviously wrong, it’s a face-palm.

All these  




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