Truly diligent research and vigilance from the incomparable, Lynnea Urania Stuart


She has often appeared larger than life, a musician who’s more than a musician, eager to stand for human rights and for empowering youth.  Whether in her surprise-filled concerts or her artsy music videos, Lady Gaga has connected with her fans in ways that few artists have ever done.  It’s a connection one might expect from a hypnotist or a counselor, but with a healing balm that might be spoken of as an object of ARTPOP”.1  Her trappings have been likened to that of drag queens in the same spirit as her rival Madonna had employed them in her video “Vogue”.2  For such a connection, some have falsely rumored that Lady Gaga must be herself transgender, or even a “hermaphrodite”.3 But in 2016, despite a tumultuous year for transgender people that brought legislative attacks in many states directed against this demographic, Lady…

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