Roughing-In some New-Ideas

The quantum-departure of September 25, 2011’s unprecedented-change between wpath soc v6 and wpath soc v7–; which I had been calling “The Greenlighting” of hrt, and of “youth” hrt–; obviously set-in-motion a vast flood of sudden _transitioning_ most-concentrated in the _youth_ age-bracket, since this was the area in-which the greatest _de-restriction_ had taken-place–.

Transitioners had been managing to cope with the strains this may have been creating on the transitioning services system, and which their social-media communication networks were adequate for handling.

A place where this system fell-short was with the bathroom issue.

My testimony that persuades me of this, was how-long it took-them, to “communicate” this point, even to me.

For a whole month, all I kept-thinking was that the only trans people that were being kept-out of their target-sex bathrooms “could only” have been the ones that “didn’t pass yet,” even well-enough not to feel at least physically or legally “safe,” in their birth sex bathrooms–; which I then interpreted as “unfortunate, premature, unwisdom,” “not” to have “been-pursued.”

Instead, once I finally read it, I realized that this was about people who completely passed, but who somehow had been either detected or identified anyway, which then led to, some transphobic fanatics creating a giant scare that even the most atrophied “penis” was automatically a functioning “weapon” inside any “women’s” rest room–(!)


Given my immersement in daily news about the fate and struggles of trans people, as a YouTube member with his own trans channel, the fact that it took them a month to get me even to read what they were talking about, convinced me that–; using their extant methods, they would never have reached, either cis people, or trans people who were not at least social-media level activists.

The fact that they could not have armed the trans-supportive public with the proper information here, was the reason that the transphobic legislators was able to bully the electorate out of defeating their incredibly-destructive bills–.


I have re-educated myself toward the true preciousness of wpath soc v7, since my earlier posts–; even-though, even-then, I already knew that it certainly was nothing to have been taken at-all lightly.

Points I made then, that the reverence with-which beneficiaries and aspirant beneficiaries of this decree hold it–; still must not come to impede vital discussion especially aboutthings that in the longer-term would actually serve to protect it, from short-term, impulsivity-driven rash-behaviors–; still holdnow–.

We need to discover how NOT to keep handing the whole game off, to the transphobic legislators and other organized transphobics–.

My use of the word “game,” there–; is not-at-all to trivialize the transgender struggle–; but to pose its relationship to those who would and do oppose it–; in-light of what this relationship is–; namely an adversarial one–; and that would be a game.  A highly-adversarial “game,” like American “Football,” which is like a little three-hour “mini-war,” played on a professional “field.”

The way to “stop handing the whole game-off,” before it’s even-started–; is by stopping acting like “The Keystone-Cops,” all bumping-into each-other, running in opposite-directions, when the alarm-bell rings–; and learning to coordinate the transfer of information, so that nobody who needs to be forewarned about something, is left out-of the-loop–.  once there’s something to be voted-upon, or lobbied-for.  Or other situations, where the public’s input counts, in terms of the setting of public policy.

Currently, I am visualizing “Four” Spheres of Action, that this indicates–:

  1.  Within the Trans Community.
  2.  Between the connected, Trans Community and the unconnected trans population at large.
  3.  Between the Trans Community and the general public.
  4.  Between the Trans Community and the Governmental and specific Professional Sectors.

1.  Within the Trans Community.

  1.  The ability to transmit information around the Trans Community needs to be vastly sped-up and increased.
  2. The kind and type of information that has to be prioritized in this way, has to be identified conceptually, and then located itemwise, in the daily flow of information, and then directed to its known, destination-recipients as-needed.

2.  Between the connected, Trans Community and the unconnected trans population at               large.

  1.  The Aim-Here, is to Invite as many unconnected trans people at large on the Internet     or just in the public, to become part of the connected trans community as-possible,         so that our working numbers could be both as great and as representative as possible.       1.  Sub-Reasons.
  2.        1.  If there was something we weren’t covering before another large contingent                        finally voiced its needs/wishes, we could get that fixed, and finally get them                     on-board with us, as they-too, wanted to be.
  3. 2.  How to do it.
  4. 1.  Discovering how to get psa’s mostly past the most-likely transphobic readers and           to the largest, relative-proportion of trans people who missed the news about                 wpath soc v7 and what it means to them–; or even what it                                                       people they still could benefit from trying to meet.  

3.  Between the Trans Community and the general Public.

  1.   Find ways to get people who are not even likely to be Trans, to understand the  numerous ways, that trans issues still affect even them.                                                           1.  Bring the general public up-to-speed with the recent history of transgender care          rights.  Wipe-Out all the old misconceptions and myths, and explain the vital                new ramifications of the new truths.                                                                                                    1.  Strides in transitioning have been Epic, and they are still rapidly accelerating.                     1.  While, for three generations, what people were used to seeing in pictures,                         had been a person who probably already looked a lot like the target-sex                           to-begin-with, ending-up looking just slightly-more like the target-sex                         and still so-much more like their birth-sex, that they still would look                               “uncomfortably ‘ambiguous,’ ,” or “a lot-of trouble to go-through for                               ‘such “dismal” results,’ –;” all-that is completely-gone, now.                                            1.  Modern transitioning can take very birth-sex reading people and                                          successfully transform them into people of the target-sex that                                            no-one to almost-no-one would even-suspect had ever been the                                          other sex, even if they looked, close deliberately hunting for any                                              signs.                                                                                                                                                     2.  The procedures are also much safer and often easier, less-painful,                                         or faster than the old methods, and definitely much more reliable.                                       3.  Old-Time transitioning let itself be hamstrung too-much by negative                                 details like what would happen when a client took their pants off,                                         in front of a stranger, even-though fully-dressed they passed                                               flawlessly.                                                                                                                                                     1.  One of the biggest travesties to come from this, was the virtual                                               exclusion of female-to-male (FtM) transitioning, for most of                                                     the first two generations, simply because doctors didn’t want                                                 to bother with what even-then they knew was a perfectly-good                                                     transitioning for the rest of the person’s (to-a-man’s) bodysimply                                          because they had not yet devised a way to reconstruct a non-                                                 prosthetic set of external genitalia on a person’s body, that would                                           have, vital blood-flow, or possibly some innervation.                                                               1.  As a result, FtM transitioning                                                                                                              1.  Lagged-Behind MtF (male-to-female) transitioning by                                                           the first two generations                                                                                                                       1.  Became lodged in the public-mind as presum”impossible,”                                              or thus “nonexistent.”                                                                                                                    2.  Was rarely being adopted by prospective-users on its                                                                 introduction, because at that time, not even the hormone use                                                was as  well-understood relative to the MtF-procedure to                                                          provide comparably-good results even-there.                                                               2.  Today, FtM-transitioning in the social presentation sense is equal to                                  in quality to that of MtF transitioners (some might say, even                                                    better), and the quality of MtF genital-reconstruction surgery                                               already produces a very-high, patient-satisfaction rate, and has                                           been getting rapidly better with each passing year, especially since                                       the revolutionary latest revision of standards-of-care has                                                      so-greatly expanded the avenue for experience, learning, and                                                attention to this important procedure.                                                                                            1.  Therefore, Today, FtM-transitioning is rapidly becoming as                                                   prevalent as MtF–; even while the latter is continuing to                                                       accelerate in popularity as well.
  2.           Today, additionally, a parent can approve early, pre-transitioning procedures                 for their minor children who are at or near puberty by getting prescriptions                     for puberty hormone blocking drugs, that delay puberty till the child is either                   of legal-age to consent to the actual transition in states that don’t yet permit                   the child to consent before then or for the parent to consent for them, or                         in states where it may be legal, they can sign for the child already to begin                       receiving actual transitioning hormones as well, in cases where it is especially               unambiguous that the child has adamantly identified as opposite their                             birth-sex all-along, and that they were extremely-unlikely to “reverse”                           either at puberty or at what otherwise would be considered “age to have                              consented (even-though any-such “reversal,” “at-puberty,” is                                               already statistically, highly-unlikely, in any case–).                                                                1.  This new opportunity to transition before a physiological puberty further                             improves the physical results, and is even better for the client                                               both psychologically and socially, and is one more way that                                                   transitioning has become even that much more “society-friendly.”

Epic Improvements of Modern Transitioning. You don’t notice transitioned people anymore

Transgender is real.  Trans people live a silent hell when they can’t transition,                          or even talk-about it to anyone.   This intolerable disconnect between their selves and their physical bodies is clinically known as the dysphoria of untransitioned transgenders.        The proportion of trans people who can’t transition, who attempt suicide is at least eight times as high as that for non-trans, (or cis) people.   (Source: LGBTQ NATION, Dec 13, 2016).

Even among those who do not attempt suicide (or try again), the majority either have a         substance-dependency, or are severely depressed.                                                                              Transgenders who transition, on the other hand, have a far-higher rate of recovery from this depression, than anybody taking the so-called “antidepressants,” that even their  prescribers admit are barely even a crutch, for those who can’t have anything better.                 Now that medicine and surgery finally have figured-out  how to “fix” the malfunctional body of a transgender person and get their mind to snap-to-rightness             in the same stroke–; they have finally dispensed-with the dogma-driven old way, of simply applying counterproductive, ineffective fudge-fixes to the patient’s supposed “mind” through, really not-good things they’re doing-to their brain.



  1. Epic Improvement in Transitioning.
  2. The Reality of Transgender.
  3. The Predominance of “Visible” over “Genital” Configuration.                                                1.  The human mind makes a decision about a person’s physical sex based on                       what they can see with their eyes, from the first point they come into view,                     for any meaningful distance over-which the eye can see.                                                     1.  Any “social” decisions, they make about-them, thus are made at that point–;              and not later.                                                                                                                                              1.  One such “decision,” is what public rest room the observer would expect                            that they would go-into.                                                                                                                        1.  Again, the mind processes this information perfunctorily and barely                                   consciously and discards it–; and really doesn’t process it much after-that–.                        1.  This means, that by the time evidence of their genital configuration                                        might somehow accidentally vary from expectation to some                                                  typically rather impertinent degree (both insignificant and impertinent                            because of careful concealment) it usually isn’t going to register anyway.                           The person has already sex-coded this individual, and usually, this not                               cognitively updated (nor need-it-be–; since all genitals do in the rest                               room anyway is release-urine or occur in front of  the other excretory                                   orifice).  .  The matter of the so-called “physique” of the person was                                 already coded-for, before or as-soon-as the person came-in.                                   2.  The idea that “any” so-called “penis” “in-the women’s-room,”                                         is defaultly a space-specific “weapon,” “waiting-to be-used–;” overlooks                     the following two facts:                                                                                                                         1.  Transgenders of both directions want trans-friendly bathroom-access so                        they can use the bathroom where they will be least noticed, not to “make”                        any kind of so-called “walking-proclamation” about “what” they are                                sociopolitically or medically “doing–;” therfore, MtF’s (the ones “with”                        the natal so-called “penises,”) continue to use the “Men’s” room–; up-                              until they would stand-out less in the Women’s room.                                                            2.  By the time that they have transitioned far-enough that this is possible, their                      natal so-called “penis” has already atrophied and become almost completely                    immune-to-erection, certainly, it couldn’t penetrate any orifice on anyone                           (except the voluntary mouth, which, lest-we-forget, is armed with                                     formidable teeth) that it is much-more an organ that could be hurt,                                     than any so-called “weapon-like” organ, that could have hurt or violated                           anyone else.                                                                                                                                   3.  Male, sexual-predators who want to dress-up as “women” or sneak-into                        the “Women’s” bathroom to peep or even rape–; could do this just-as-well                    if there was no “law stipulating” that “trans” women “must” be permitted                      to use it, because men who would expect that ruse to work would already                          have been making themselves sufficiently “undetectable,” that whether they                  otherwise were “trans” “women,” already wouldn’t have been questioned.                        1.  Even-then, it’s apparently never been a “popular” way to commit                                       voyeurism or especially sexual-assault.  Robberies in public bathrooms,                             sadly, are at least-rumored to be relatively common.  But not sexual-assault.           4.  Legally-Requiring a person who already looks likewoman to use the bathroom             designated for men, is, to put that person in-harm’s-way.                                                       1.  Flashing her dwindling little penis at them isn’t going to protect her there,                        either, to say the least.                                                                                                                 5.  Voters who enabled the passing of legislation that forced trans people of both                 directions to continue to use the public restroom of “their birth sex,”                                 continually until they completed transitioning and got either a legal                                     gender-marker change, full genital reconstruction, or in at least one extreme-                      case, never–; despite the fact that it would not “prevent” new “sex-crime,”                    and would place transitioning people in harm’s way–; were not furnished                              with this information–; and were therefore HUSTLED by the fraudulent                                 lawmakers who rammed-through this abominable legislation.                                             6.  If they will sleazily use you to do this to us–; what do you not think, they                           would use some other voting-bloc’s own ignorance to do to you–?                                         These are DISHONEST legislators who also are disingenuously, extremely                           cruel to a hard-struggling population that never did anything to them or their                       often uninformedly-trusting constituents–; that they routinely, ritually                           scapegoat just to get cheap votes from otherwise-indifferent, (and often                             also, extremely-ignorant, cultish, religious-zealots–).                                                        7.  The “cis” world, your world–; would be a happier space for cis people like you,              in it, if the trans people that inhabited it could all or nearly-all transition,                          where people would no-longer be reading them as either so-called                                   “cross-dressers,” (barely or not passing at-all); getting their presentational                   sexes-right, roughly half the time, and wrong, the-other–; or reading them                   simply as very “girly” “guys,” (FtM) or very “horsy” “women,” (MtF),                               even when their presentational sex was predominantly-or consistently read                  “right–.”  There wouldn’t be reclusivity in trans people “aging-out” of                          whatever perhaps former ability that they earlier had, to pass to whatever                          then-significant degree.  There would be a much higher employment rate                          among-them; they would be productive-and-ambitious, rather than                                    constantly skittish or trepid for the next prank or mobbing.  They would become                 better citizens, more contributive taxpayers, and better neighbors even to cis                         people like you.                                                                                                                                   8.  You don’t think transitioning is “Family-Values” – Friendly–?                                           Trans people are often Parents–!                                                                                                       Sometimes even Biologically.  Before surgical transition, a trans woman                             can sometimes still impregnate her un surgically reassigned trans male                             husband or domestic partner, and he can naturally bear her child                                         before returning to his normal hormone dosage schedule.  Once the                                   couple have all the children they wish to create via this method,                                            they can both resume their transitions with their genital surgeries                                     if they had wanted to do that anyway.                                                                                             Trans people who want genital reconstruction as soon as they complete their                 transitioning hrt–; or who simply don’t want female insemination / male                     pregnancy, can freeze their eggs and sperm before the operation and                                 employ a surrogate-mother–; or utilize the option of adopting a child–;                         the way gay or lesbian couples have been doing for two decades, and infertile,                 straight, cis couples, had-done immemorially before-then–.



  1. Within the Trans Community.
  2. Between the (Connected) Trans Community, and Unconnected, Trans-Individuals          at-large.
  3. Between the Trans Community and the General Public.
  4. Between the Trans Community, and pertinent Professional and Medical Sectors.             The trans community must strive unitedly to ensure that the Medical                                 and other Corporate Sectors continue to Recognize and Respect us as citizens                 and important, service-consumers.

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