At least Keith Olberman and Jim Packman Tried, really-tried.

Aeound 7-o’clock this-morning, I was reading the then-latest updates on a running “coups” in the Electoral College to use a littlie-known, “Emergency” rule introduced by the Founding-Father Alexander Hamilton–:  As part of the Electoral College’s actual “design-function,” to override original election-results, that turn-out to have been the result of “foreign tampering” with the election–;(as has-been widely-stated  has been the case with Trump–; who is said to have been cherry-picked by Russia’s Putin, as being both a candidate that Russia could easily manipulate once he would-have become-President, and one that could readily be promoted to a wide-set of American-Voters–; enough at least to rival Hillary Clinton–; and further allegation that Russia hacked the Vote-Tallying Machines as-well–;) a measure enabled by affording Electors in the Electoral College, the option of championing an _alternate President_, via a _write-in vote_.  If they write-in the name of an individual from the losing party, this is outlawed as “faithless–;” although since it still is just a _misdemeanor_ offense carrying a _fine_ of _only $1,000_, (which many lawmakers could pay manageably)–; although breaking the law is still a relative _deterrent_ to at least _crossing the party line_, in doing this–.  However, this ony-meant that they couldn’t “restore” Hillary’s inauguratability, but still could have rejected Trump, since as long as the person they write-in is still _in the same party_ as the person who was _elected_, there is _no lawbreaking_ involved, and they are perfectly legitimate in using this option–.

As of this-morning, it had been reported that the number of Electors publicly-stating, that they were going to write-in the name of another Republican politician on the ballot, would have exceeded the number needing-to by a margin of _twelve votes_, where the number needed just to have _disqualified Trump_ and gotten him out of America’s _future_, already would have been only _thirty-eight_–!
Online-Journalists _following_ this were percolating with confidence that Trump’s actual Inauguration had already been doomed.
Sadly, I’ve just read, Now, that this didn’t Happen, and the Electoral-College apparently Reneged on its design-function to Rescind election-results that were the results of foreign interference with the election.
Numerous commentors had.
What a Truly-Sad, Let-Down–!  

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