More about returning to the blogs for my Activism.

Around a week ago, I posted one or two blogs on this site and its companion-site on another blogging service (Blogger)–; documenting the fact that the service on-which I’d theretofore been conducting my online activism–; had become a Orwellian boobytrap–; where they censor speakers from cover.  Right while one were saying, “I want to make a point that this forum is meant for iconoclasts who want to start questioning the status-quo–; they run lines through _that part_ or every other part of what one is saying that would have reflected that–.  Nothing could have been a clearer reflection that that whole service is just out to turn whatever might pass for “activism,” into downright-martial level enforcement of whatever status-quo anyone’s activism might have been seeking either to overturn or to reform–.


To add to that, I’ve got one member of the standing forum (that is called a Community–; it’s G+, of-course–;) who appears not to have grasped that the point of my group were “to reexamine the status-quo,” on many points, both on the transgender community–; and on the way activism is available to be pursued there–.

Since the mission of my activist effort (including that “community–;”) is preserving connection–; my response to this, has been one of patient reassurance that I still completely care what they think, and for them not to despair about that, simply because, the fact that I often assume my aforedescribed, less-traditional stances on various issues, and my level of frankness, when addressing the group about them.

To say I’d had-it with the incensing censorship that goes-on over-there–; would already be an absolute understatement–; they’ve really got no business doing that with anybody–.  Nobody does–!  “Editing-at” what other people say–? ? ? ?  Huh–? ? ?  Run that-one Past-me Again–? ! ?

Since I doubt many–; if-any–; people who might be among the readers of this post would have encountered this practice themselves–; I will review it here–:

You tap the post or reply button, wherever one appears, on the page, of the “Community” (closed forum, with Notifications to individual members); to open the comment box–; and you can proofread, edit, and vet, your piece as meticulously as you would–; and then you tap the post button–.

The area on the screen, where you had been posting, is covered by a white square, with a half-inch circle with a break on one side that revolves, while the intact part of the circle slowly changes-colors as it revolves–; (a “timer“)–; and–; after what may be quite a number of such seconds–; finally the white-square masking the page and your post, and the annoying, spinning color-changing circle animation, disappear–.  Usually, at-this-point, the part of the page now at the center of the screen, would have shifted–; so that one then had-to have hunted, often quite-a-bit–; for one’s nascent entry–.

But, don’t be all that-anxious to spot it–:  The thing they put-up is more-likely to be a defaced parody of what you actually typed, than to have been what you actually typed–.

Whoever is highlight-redacting these pieces, is never-identified–; and they definitely were never accepted-as-member(s) of this group–.

Instead of first actually presenting a message, that the post somehow “violated,” whatever then “stipulation,” supposedly “prevented” them from “putting-it-up,” the-way it-was–; let-alone ever explaining what might have been quote-unquote, “wrong,” with, whatever parts they otherwise simply highlight-redact (place in strikethrough–;) they instead simply stick-it-up–; all radically defaced–; with arbitrary parts of it, unwarnedly, and unapologeticallyhighlight-redacted–; instantly turning, what you had just presented for viewing, by all members–; as your, judged-by-yourself to be, both respectful, and your heartfelt ideas–; instead–; as some-kind of- “Specimen–;” put-up on the chalkboard, of some kind of a literaryforensic-dissection “class–;” specifically superseding one as this piece’s writer–; and specifically instructing everyone to-whom one had addressed that piece, expressly to have selectively disregarded-atwhatever portions, whoever was wielding the strikethrough tool–; instructed them selectively to have ignored–; as-well-as coercing them






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