Fb Page “Re-Examining the Transitioning Mandate-FtM,” Introductory-Post

Since Facebook posts allow no vertical spacing, the following post initially appeared in the same run-on form as it appears on the new Facebook page.

Currently, here four days since then, I’ve begun trying to clean it up, so its formatting should evolve back to a more readable appearance in successive stages over the next week or two.  I’ve suddenly increased all my online posting activity over the last week-and a-half or so, and keeping-up with all the secondary details, seems to exceed what I’m used to doing in that area.
I’ve just finally created this new Facebook page tonight, after previously looking for appropriate venues since 2014.

What a long and frustrating journey that was!

The reason it was, was that I got resistance, at every step along the way, which also meant that I wouldn’t have expected it to have stopped yet here, either.

The “cause” behind my page is not similar to other causes I’ve seen in other sites, that I would have considered “hostile,” vindictive, or “hateful;” yet I realize that it is going to be quite unpopular, simply because it bucked the Connected tide, appealing instead to atomized and stranded populations who are not positioned either to receive our information passively, nor even to be able to find it serviceably, even if they assiduously hunt for it (as I definitely had to do, so I know whereof I speak, in-that). —DSCN4130DSCN4129DSCN4128

Within the connected, trans community, a vast Illusion is created, in terms of the fact that the only people who can see other trans people, are the same persons who can be seen by other trans people.

The rest are the equivalent of both invisible and blind.

This is a problem.


My own discovery of the trans community began on a breaking computer in 2006, when I all I could find were sneering truscum who brayed that no one who hadn’t transitioned should even be browsing trans pages, which was a huge frosty deterrent to me, even after I finally replaced the computer, which broke anyway, the same week I had found that discouraging site.

Even on then-replacement computer I then wouldn’t get for another almost two more years, I still wasn’t finding anything to make me think anything had changed, prior to the date we all know and revere, September 25, 2011. However, by that time, I was in the throes of a very threatening development, and my life in general was not the way people expect things, anyway, just to put it ridiculously mildly for brevity.

It really wasn’t until the aforementioned situation changed, in 2014, at least for a while, that I finally had enough of an atmosphere of calmness, that doing any serious research became at all feasible for me, and of course this time, when I started researching “transgender,” instead of frosty warnings from sneering “truscum,” I saw the then-incomprehensible “flood,” of predominantly, young-teenagers all talking about worrying that they were going to get “kicked-out of their houses,” for trying to transition, or talking about it–; or kids saying that they thought they were going to kill themselves, if their parents didn’t let them do it before they hit the peak of puberty, and more things of that sort, and all I could think was, “wtf happened there?” —

I realized that there had been a major deregulation of transition service availability, and that the provider services had sharply slanted this availability in the direction of youth and minors–; but, it wouldn’t be, for another two years, of repeated aggressive searches online, all-of-which came to naught–; before I finally would find The Holy Grail–: September 25, 2011. wpath standards of care, version seven. It’s the one that made transitioning unprecedentedly more easy relative to its preceding version, than had any other preceding version, and it also tried to promote, “blockers at twelve, hrt at sixteen.”


— The reason I am talking about my “own experience,” in “finding” this “out–;” is the fact that, until I even “began” looking, I had found “no” “explanation” for it, let alone a concrete “date,” of when it had “happened.”


Even what I already could “see,” already had prompted me to seek a series of online “venues,” for saying what from the betginning, I could see, needed to be said–:

This stampede was going to backfire, and ways had to be found to un-strand all the trans people who were not in the information pathways “anywhere,” and grant “them” the “same” access to This Information, as all the currently Connected people already had had “from the beginning.”

It would be over a year since I started my first online entities addressing this concern, before any of my own “active” “efforts,” would yield me the result, that this sudden change in the way transitioning was handled, had not begun until September 25, 2011.

If it took “me” that long, and I was frantically “looking” for it, what were the prospects for somebody who was not an “Internet lover,” like “I” was–?

Or somebody so cut-off from any even lukewarm exposure for their trans identity, whose grasp of any of the “conceptual axes,” had grown Vague or Blurred–?


The problem with the material and communication appearing online for the *connected* transgender community, is that it did not “center” on transgender “people,” over two thirds of whom already were “adults,” but, rather, on a “decision,” a handful of “doctors” had made, in some closed boardroom. —

Before wpath soc 7, adult transgenders who had no doubt they couldn’t transition–; had no regret, because “this” applied to practically “all” of us.

“Since” wpath soc 7, the test of trans identity had become transitionability, and this was doubled by the fact, that every day that passed without one’s transitioning, the further “behind,” one’s face and voice had gotten, from “matching” any of those whose “transition” already had “begun.” —

And all who “could” transition, let themselves be “blinded” to “our” fate, by simply their “own” dread and terror of “themselves” becoming “the last” person, whose face or voice would “match” those of the rest of the crowd.

They literally had created A Stampede, and as I would find out, every attempt I’d made, to “call” anyone on this fact, was rapidly met with rigorously organized Impedance. —

I’ve already seen the faces of several FtM’s openly stating, that they couldn’t possibly care less, about the fate of any other FtM, who simply couldn’t medically transition–; and cutthroats like-that Will appear Everywhere, but they don’t represent Everyone–:

It’s the fact, that anyone who “doesn’t” assume that “attitude,” who really “did” care, about what would happen, to all the two generations of people who spent those last two generations frankly Losing our transitionabiity to the ongoing and raging effects of unrelieved transphobia–; are being Pressured, by the leaders of the stampede, into Looking-the Other-Way, or treating us as “collateral damage,” or a collective, “lost-cause.”

I am NOT anybody’s “lost-cause–;” and there’s No Reason, I should even Suspect, I were “Alone,” in this. —


I started this cause page as a “Page,” rather than as any “Group,” because “partners” are needed, for the starting of a “group–;” and, the only place(s) I could have “looked,” for any would-be “partners,” would have been the “same place,” where “I” had never “been,” back when “I” had been the “same kind” of, “atomized, stranded” trans person.

So, I decided to “start” whatever thing I still was “allowed” to, “without,” having to get co-signers for it first. —

I look-forward to anybody, who, having-read this introductory-post, recognize themselves here. —


This page, is designated for “FtM’s,” because that’s the population “I know” most about, because that’s what “I” am, and that makes it the population I were better-equipped to try to “help.” Another reason is because, the experience I’ve had attempting to work with MtF’s has made me more “wary” of them, than I had been “before” this “experience.” Mature-aged MtF’s who have been transitioned for perhaps 20 years or more, represent such a “dominant” presence within their cohort-or age-bracket, that they seem to have an unconscious, at least “undercurrent” of “condescension,” toward FtM’s, perhaps “especially,” in the same cohort-bracket. Still, I don’t want “all” mature-aged MtF’s, automatically to think that I have some “rule” “excluding” them, if what they really would want to “do” here, would be to listen to my perspective, or, especially, if, upon just “reading” it, they grasp that “this” was something they “too,” always, “already-knew.” I’m not trying to keep “anybody” out, who already “agrees” with the “premise,” and were “anxious” to “help.”



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