Second Post to, “Reexamining the Transitioning Mandate-FtM,” Page on Facebook.

I really meant to start this Page as a Group, rather than as a Page. This is not meant to be my own personal little “vanity-scrapbook” of daily “musings” about the video I watched last night, or the weather. This is meant to be a forum or venue where I can reach people before conditions further-shift beyond whatever point where anyone had had any chance of Listening, at all. — I have abandoned any further attempt at getting-through on another service, where their entire objective is the direct and deliberate obstruction of anything that isn’t solidly in the camp of promoting the straight-up agenda of connected trans as it is–: One big Stampede, that completely cancels-out any of the struggle or experience of the two generations worth of trans people whose lives since have shifted into a place where transition is no longer feasible for us, and which got that way, because everything was so stacked against us all that time. — There were two things that could be done for us, but which aren’t being done, and there is clear resistance in even discussing either-one–: One is, a fresh examination of why Harry Benjamin Era Survivors are not on nearly the same footing for transitioning as are the ones who happen to be on the pages, and either saying that they’ve placed their applications already, or that they were talking about things like getting fired or kicked out of their homes to transition, as if it were like taking their car to the shop for a minor scrape. — Transgender identity is the least of the earmarks of the population that demonstrates that attitude. — There definitely is “a time to panic–;” and to “bolt,” upon when one discovers that the people into-whose-midst one has just stumbled–; are anything “but,” “Grounded,” in any way, shape, or form–. When they dote with an eyedropper, on people gushing about recognizing all of probably by now, upwards of about “89” separate “gender-identities,” and how “every one” of them is “perfectly-valid,” and “deserving of all consideration.” — Introduce them to even “one” person, who says, “Uhm, I’ve been trans, and wildly dysphoric all my life, but by the time I found-out about transitioning availability, my life had deteriorated to a shambles, and I’ve got other problems I’ve been warned by trans community counselors were ‘not’ on the ‘approved-list,’ for even ‘mentioning’–.” And “see-how-fast,” they don’t want to “kick” you “off-their-board,” or “off-their help-line.” — I’ve “Had” to open-up a neo “Sanctuary” here–. Though I “doubt” there’ll be anybody even bothering to “look” for it–: By now, either you’re thick “In” the Stampede–; or you’re still out-of the-loop–; or, you caught “One-Glance,” at the raging Stampede–; and you undertook the singleton-equivalent of another-one as far AWAY from that-one as possible, as fast as you could GO–. — The “other” thing, that could be done for us, but likewise which is being-dismissed, is within-community action to promote direct-accommodation to HBES’s, who have been separated from whatever trans community for a long time, and also largely blocked in whatever expression they’ve been able to manifest for a long time. — Experts loudly proclaim how much rarer so-called “Desistance,” from trans identity is, even in “youth,” for whom it arguably “might” have been some so-called “phase,” through-which they were “going–;” but, when it comes to “adults,” who were coerced out of it by choreographed transphobic harassment–; the glib excuse would be, that “we” “voluntarily” “desisted,” and that “the presumption” “would-be,” that we “would not want to hear-about” invitations to transgender interplay or discourse “anymore–.” — When the “obvious truth” is–; that it’s just “too-late in the-game,” for all the current, connected transgenders, and site-operators, to “switch-tacks,” about this or anything on a paritous plane of “unfamiliarity–;” by this point, since they were all “up-to their-necks,” in nothing but “transitioning, transitioning, transitioning–.” Determine what-else WE need, other than what you need, to be able to “transition,” so that we can “at least” “consider” it–! Until we can get on a paritous footing to begin transitioning “along” with the rest of you, start a project to help us find each-other, so that we can have our own wing of the community, where we can all talk to each-other, about problems and situations that are all relevant to all of US, instead of having to be so many “flies-on the-wall,” in indefinite numbers of chatrooms, where all anybody-else is discussing is either “when” they’re starting their “transition,” “how-far-along” they are in it, or “how-long” since they’d “completed” it–. There is not-yet even ONE such “entity,” anywhere on this service, or its wannabe-competitor whose name I won’t bother mentioning here. This is not a critique of this service, or necessarily even the other one. What’s at-critique, is simply the connected community’s “whole blindness,” to otherwise the exact “elephant-in the-room–:” Where are the previous, two-generations–? Did everybody just “graciously” decide “permanently” to “mask” as “cis–?” Have they “all” “written-off,” the prospect of “transitioning,” despite the fact that it otherwise is “de-rigeur–?” Whose “right” is it to have “made” “this-judgment” “on-behalf” of-us “in” our otherwise “absence–?”




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