“Convenience,” Is No Excuse–!”

Two generations of transgender people have been living with untransitionability since their time of pubescence, and have invested their efforts into passing however well that they could have, without either taking hormones, nor simply “putting” whatever “passing” efforts they “could” have, “on-hold,” till whatever “magical” time, when supposedly even “they,” “could” have “transitioned.” —

Suddenly, transitioning is “greenlighted,” and it’s being directed “directly,” to the partial “generation,” who’s only “just going” through puberty “now,” and the remaining partial generation, for-whom it is a recent-memory. —

The denials and rationalizations “utilized” to pretend any “earlier” generations “didn’t exist,” is either to pretend, based on the numbers that had been “visible,” that “no one else,” from this extended-cohort, even “identified” as “transgender,” “or else,” we’d all have been “trying” to have “passed,” or “connecting” with each-other “exactly as much” as the current “transitionable,” and “social-media oriented, familiar, or equipped,” generation “did–;” completely “ignoring” the fact, that to “stay visible,” back when both it was so persecuted, and that there was no realistic hope of “transitioning,” “anyway–;” a person would have had even already (let-alone those “even-still,” thinking they could “transition,”) have-been “exceptional,” along the “Dysphoric,” axis, and therefore, “unrepresentatively-small,” “in-number.” So, their “next” Rationalization, was that “none of ‘the rest,’ ,” was “Dysphoric ‘Enough,’ ,” still to have been “considered,” “trans–.” CONVENIENT, CONVENIENT, mere-EXCUSE–; again, just to pretend “pre-wpath soc v7,” or just “pre-wpath,” “transgenders,” simply “never-existed,” in anything “like,” “current numbers.” — “Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind–;” Always so CONVENIENT, to pretend that “a” so-called “clean” “Slate,” was “automatically” any “better,” than the material or living contingent analogous the the then-extant “information,” otherwise “occupying” the “extant” “Slate–!” Yeah, just “go-ahead,” and “throw,” that “Baby,” out with this-here “bathwater,” we otherwise find “so ‘Inconvenient,’ –.”


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