Just Accommodate IDENTITY, and leave “Transitioning,” (or “not,” to), Up-To “US.”

Forgotten trans people are “blind” to each other’s presence, because there’s no sight-line for us to see each-other, and that’s a “Logistical” fact–; although it’s at least largely driven through at-large “Transphobia.” —

Conversely, connected trans people are BlindED by the runners of their collective “Movement,” by all of them actively “insisting” that everyone wanting to “stay” in the “chat-room,” (necessary for “any” “recognition,” “at-all,” since–; as-I just-“said–;” “those who try to connect ‘offline,’ ‘can’t,’ –;”) has to “prioritize,” first-and-foremost–; and “above any and all else,” their respective “commitment,” to having “transitioned,” “and” that “nothing-else mattered.” —

If you are Transgender–; and all you want is just proverbial “safe-space,” where you could “interact-and-converse,” without continually having to “mask,” either the fact that you “didn’t” yet “look-or-sound,” the way your screen-name, would have “suggested,” that you “would” have–; or, if people can already “see,” or “hear,” you–; the fact that they “reference,” you, corresponding “merely,” to either-of those-things–; or “presume,” that if they’ve “read” you “female,” that you wouldn’t be “triggered,” by an “unhesitant,” reference to “menstruation,” “birth-control,” or being “assumed” netly to have “preferred,” or even “expected-only,” “the company,” of supposedly “other,” so-called “girls,” or “women–.” Or, if they misread you as male, that you would “love sports,” relish gratuitous profanity, or “abhor” anything with an overtly “intimate,” sort of “dimension–;” and “insist,” on the company of “only” “other” so-called “males.” — Even just “this” level of “safe-space–;” where the point when I am “correctly gendered,” (as “they” so-insistently “put” it–;) does not mysteriously somehow “abruptly” stop, the moment they first hear my “clocky” voice, or suddenly-decide that I “couldn’t” hope to have quote-unquote “passed,” supposedly for even “transitioning” male–. A place simply where our “gender ‘reading,’ –;” isn’t–; otherwise, completely “inappropriately,” simply “in-the,” then- “hands” of–; merely “each” successive “next” person we then “happened” to have then “met–.”


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