Why This (Fb) Page, Isn’t Moving any Faster.

It probably looked or sounded to a first visitor to this site, that I its owner, was to some degree, perhaps, “noncommittal,” “tentative,” or “not-sure” about the “concept,” or however one would have wanted to word that idea. —

No. In fact, this simply is the “closest” I’ve been able to “come,” to setting-up the site I’d in fact “wanted” to have “set-up,” AT LEAST since “three years ago,” when I finally acquired the ability to pursue trans community discovery in any degree of efficacy. —

In the meantime, all I’ve “actually” “discovered,” was “how many” false turns and false starts there were, for somebody who was locked-out of whatever “contact” with the trans community since they could have “remembered,” and how “hard” it actually was, actually to “find” any meaningful “information” about it, if one were “in” that “category.” — —

People actively intending to transition, were the only, trans-identifying people, who could “see each-other–.” The rest of us, were both “invisible,” to either “these” people, or to each-other, and incapable of “seeing,” each-other–; and for “many” of us, “even,” the set that “already” were “connected,” because they were in the process of “seeking transition.” —

The fact that this new page, has not had any “momentum,” is simply an artifact, of the fact that, even by the time I had “just-started” it–; whatever “momentum,” I’d “already” “started” with, “already” had been “hijacked,” by all the “false-leads,” I’d “already” “gotten,” to “join,” “join,” “join,” one “extant” group “after-another,” (including, whatever groups I at least “ostensibly,” had tried to have “started–;” yet where everyone who deigned allegedly to have “joined–;” instead continually tried to “prod,” “nudge,” or “pressure,” me instead to “replace,” my arriving “message,” instead with the “standing, party-line,” about, “transition or retire to permanent cis-hood. And don’ complain about it–;”) trying to “present” my “contingent–;” but where, because “I” had seemed to have been the “only” such person “making” it, to the “front-lines,” as-far as even “meeting” with the “ready-to-transition” majority–; I get-greeted as-though just a “meaningless exciptient,” among everybody else–; and “all,” I “encounter,” is “expectation,” to “figure-out, ‘how,’ ,” even-I would have been “going,” to have “transitioned, ‘anyway,’ –;” (even if it “literally” “killed” me–; and with-me, any further “account,” of the contingent I “would” have “represented–;”) and “no further attention.” —

Exactly the OPPOSITE of what I’d “come” to the boundary of the “?rest?” of “the community” “to” have “attempted–.” — So “no,” I am “not” “acting,” out-of any so-called “indecision,” or “hesitancy,” in “starting,” this new “page–;” but merely, three years worth of dire “exhaustion,” from continually having my “efforts,” stealthily or forcibly “redirected” “back–!”


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