While one obvious reason I am posting this, is because it is important news everybody should be aware-of, the reason most-pertinent to this page particularly, is the fact that there might be an insufficiency of awareness illustrated by some of what happened in the incident, although this could be just my interpretation, and I am not aiming to criticize either of the victims reporting on this video nor to single them out for any reason:
If you did a Venn Diagram (two circles with an intersection, to illustrate the relative “intersectionality” between two otherwise different “sets”), between, trans people who have been victims or targets of transphobic violence (including intense interference in their personal daily life by family or any people that know them); and trans people who connect on social media, the proportion who would fill the “intersection,” would be a particularly SMALL proportion of either of the respective “starting” sets–. — It is this DEFICIENCY of relative INTERSECTIONALITY between those respective two sets, that forms the “weak-link” in the “chain” between transgender “experience” and transgender “connection.” — I have started this page (intended to become a group when or if anybody decides it made sense to them enough to help me turn it into a group), in the awareness that it is necessary to bring whatever trans people that were shocked out of expressing their identity throughout their time of coming-of-age throughout the prohibitive Harry Benjamin and early wpath eras, first back into both an awareness of their own personal history of aware identification, and to become oriented to the degree to-which transitioning now is both doable and largely “expected(?).” That they can get the 411 that they can stop being Tippi Hedren still swatting at the now long-departed, attacking seagulls (in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”), and start realizing, that they don’t have to “keep masking,” (not dressing or speaking as their real identity) or to “keep closeting” (not seeking to find other transgender people, with-whom to associate). While the benefit to the people who then make this journey is self-evident, the benefit to the community, is to further that INTERSECTIONALITY I mentioned above. People who lived this nightmare, who grew-up inside this nightmare, need to be present in this group, to anchor it to reality. One year that has no meteorological winter does not mean a reversal of the icehouse climate that’s been in effect since the end of the Eocene epoch about 30 million years ago. It just means that “a fluke” has occurred. It just-as-easily could have been a year with no meteorological “summer,” in-which there would have been cataclysmic “disaster.” Wpath soc v7 is the biggest breakthrough yet, but what happened six years “after” it–? Trump-Trump-Trump, Trumpety-Trump–. Ouch–. Trump was no accident, “either–:” For longer than since I have discovered the online transgender community, my daily online-feeds have been awash with Obama-haters, even-more-rabid Hillary-haters, completely-senseless, vicious Misogynists, among-whom, it is largely “a given,” that “LGB,” and especially “T” people, are hated even all-the-more by-them–. — Some of at least the “other” things they say, complicatingly, make at least “enough” sense, that one couldn’t necessarily have tossed “everything” they’d said, out, “with-the-bathwater–;” but, unfortunately, they “foul” their “own” “bathwater,” with some arguments that require an investment of “net-faith,” just not to dismiss them, and then they torpedo their whole credibility with naked hoaxes like their flooded comment-boards for things they truly can’t “support” with anything other than “vain repetition” (ad nauseam), or hypnotic “video-tricks.” — In the midst of this propaganda-flood, huge numbers of Americans (not-to-mention those in numerous other Western Countries) managed to get-dragged into this whole dogma of blindly-accepting, more blind-acceptance, of whatever their leadership said, and what their leadership had been “saying,” was to have undertaken a “broadside” of unrelated “tactics” to “derail” the gain process of both women and the LGBT, with the emphasis on the T–. And their biggest political thrust in terms of WHOM to VOTE into OFFICE of course had been the otherwise ridiculous TRUMP. The whole thing really played-out like an enormous, real-life, “Mike Judge” satirical production, similar to politically-oriented episodes of “Beavis-and-Butt-Head,” or, of course, “Idiocracy–.” The less-sense something made, the “more-popular” it would become–. — Surprise, let-alone the “degree” of it–; that non-Trump voters, especially those in the LGBT or trans community, have “expressed,” that Trump “did” win the Election–; is more “evidence,” of this same, “heads-in the-sand” attitude–; that I cite in my opening statement above, regarding whatever degree of surprise attended on the words of the targets in the above video. I’m not criticizing the way they “handled” the incident, and I won’t try to venture-into what “more” they could have done besides their extant, reinforced glass or 24/7 live “video” of the street through the window, that they already “had.” I’m not trying to say, that they were especially “naive.” The one “tell,” to the degree to-which they somewhat “were,” was in noting the so-called “brashness,” (the word the witness used was “bold,” but “I” would upgrade it to “brash,” which is an “upvote” to the “witness–;”) of the “perpetrator.” — Brashness IS a TYPEFYING TRAIT specifically of TRANSPHOBIC people who ACT-OUT–. Haters of any stripe who do, “act-out” on their “hatred,” are generally “sociopaths,” or those with “contempt-for-humanity,” who think that “they” are “a species apart,” and who think they can “pick the whole game-board up,” or “steal all the pieces.” Nothing anybody-else “does,” is ever “real” to them–. — In-this-light–; sociopaths acting-out on their respective vectors of “hate,” will respectively “act-out,” in-proportion-to, how much of a “power-differential,” they each “see,” between “themselves,” (and whomever-else they think they can “mobilize” to have “joined” themselves)–; and their “target” group–. Women’s rights is “well-established,” and women are no longer the supposedly “soft,-” or “inviting-” looking to them “target,” they “once” were. Similarly with “LGB.” But the “trans” community looks like nothing but a CGI, walking, cartoon “Steak” with “Legs,” to them–. Just catch it, pick it up, put it in your mouth and eat it. THIS is what MAKES TRANSPHOBIC attackers so incomparably BRASH–; and this is something I’ve been AWARE-of, since I had my first flashes-of-insight that I at least “might” not have been the gender I was Assigned At Birth–. — Too much of what is being told to trans people, mostly the “connected” ones, and most of “them,” “kids–;” is, to “Shut-Out Everything-Else,” and “Just, ‘Transition,’ –;” although, even for even “kids” for-whom this will ultimately turn-out to have-been “impossible,” or “ruinous–;” they will be blindly, throwing everything-else to the wind FOR it–; but–; even for those, for-whom it is “not” “impossible,” nor “ruinous–;” they “still” are being “misdirected,” away-from a plethora of “other” IMPORTANT things, including one CRUCIAL thing–; that being GUARDING their FLANKS–; not-to-mention, developing (or even “keeping”) a sense of promoting that within the rest of the COMMUNITY–. — THIS is what I’m TALKING-ABOUT, in posting the above ARTICLE. — Thank You–.

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