Post to Trans-Liason, 2017-03-24, about the paradox of making Transitioning, a trans-connection ‘Initiation-Rite.’

Posts I’ve been making to my recently-started Cause-Page, over at Facebook, represent my latest excursion into trying to establish an online-space where I can attract listeners by speaking my mind adequately and frankly, including “about” “why” anyone should have listened to me in the first place.
I don’t know any more than two or three of the “members” in this group, though, if they should be highly-supportive members, my so-far failure to discover that, makes my point about why I continued to browse for new spaces, where those who show-up to learn about the group, don’t have their enthusiasm squelched as soon as they get-there, by the fact that the owner of the group already is hamstrung on any ability to make the group a worthwhile entity to join.

I can illustrate my “personal eight-ball” through analogy with the former “Pope Ratzinger,” who not-only had not-wanted to have been elected Pope to begin with, but who, when he saw the indescribable scandal going-on in the Church to-which he had-been elected to govern, after struggling massively to deal with it for a long period, he simply said, “Better talent than mine is required-here: I’m quitting.”
Another analogy would be to the fictional character “Joe Bauers,” (of the political dark-satire movie “Idiocracy”), who, after a lifetime of “stepping-aside,” to let “better-qualified” people “handle” “crises,” that came-along–; was literally _dumped_ by a (makable) time-machine, into a post-apocalyptic future that was an _immersive_ crisis.

I have spent my life as an endless Witness to endless evils exploding all-around me, but always _muzzled_ against even _reporting_ them anywhere–; let-alone actually _doing_ anything about them.

I was voiceless in my Family, various so-called “systems,” that ever-increasingly seemed just “boobytrapped,” or “toxic–;” what long had “passed” for “Political-Activism,” before-the-Internet–; and the remaining number of interactive “venues,” through-which I successively was _thrust_.

At every _point_ through all of this–; I _always seemed_ to have been the _only person_ who could _see_ the fact that _everybody else_ was just _perpetuating_ a crisis or a scandal that ultimately was doomed to envelop _them-themselves_–; but that _nobody_ ever wanted to _hear anything about_ it–. _Cassandra_, with a _Chicken-Little_, “mascot-head” thrown over their _own_ head.

As I moved to _The Internet_, the more things _changed_, the more they _stayed-the-same_–.

My numerous comments on trans _videos_ were _invisible_ for two years. When I got my _own trans_ channel, and two companion-blogs, I don’t know if I ever got any _views_ and no comments on any of those sites.
It took a long time to _discover_ G+ Communities, they only had _three trans_ Communities _then_, and only _one_ with any _traffic_, but I realized that I still needed at least a “bridge” Community to be able to _present_ myself as any relevant _spokesperson_, but even I after I _started_ a Community on this service, it turned-out to have been one in which I could not even _express myself_, and that my very-words were physically _lampooned_ on the page, in full-sight, of the people to-whom they were _addressed_. Most-specifically, was my _invitation_ to the _membership_, to undertake an _Introduction_ thread–! They were _telling_ me, thus, that I _couldn’t_ “reach-out” to the _members_ here, or to _ask_, “Hey, who _are_ you _here_, and _what_ would _you_ like this group to help _you_ get-done for the community–?” _That_ was the point, where my only _further-attention_ here, dropped to respective “palliative-care,” for the remaining members who _still expressed care_ about the direction of the group–; while I otherwise _sought better venues, elsewhere_.
This thus-far took-the form-of, returning to my original _blogs_, and posting more _videos_ to my video _channel_–; and also to exploring what Facebook had to offer. They had a lot of groups, of course.
The challenge specifically *I* face, in the trans-community–; is a _tangle_ of a _conundrum_.
The problem _sociologically_ or _psychologically_ viz “other” people–; is the fact that too many people inappropriately jump to intellectual _shortcuts precisely_ when faced with a perplexing _riddle_.
That made them _trivialize_ my dilemma, by telling me to gtfo or take-up “hobbies-or-crafts,” to “take-my mind-off” it (an obvious PROJECTION of what THEY ALREADY HAD, “done” regarding “my” “dilemma”)–.
The standingly _Convenient_ Exclusion of the trans people who had not precedingly been “positioned” to have “known-what to” have “done,” the day the news came-out of the-radio, that “transitioning” then had-been “Greenlighted–;” became _progressively-cemented_ throughout the then _succeeding_ years–; to the point wherein, by the time _I_ would-have wrestled-my-way to the front of “social-media,” I _already_ rated as everybody else’s impression of what would be called a so-called “ex” trans or “never” trans, (depending one one’s view of the touted “imperishability” of trans), because of the fact that I was either “untransitionable,” or “knew-better than to-try,” depending upon how “judgmental” the person applying either-label “were–.”
There were two, or three, facts, either arising, or discernible from _this_–:
One, I couldn’t have been _the only_ one.
The rest of people like me they were _cutting-out_, were still two-thirds of trans people, and they were the ones who were _witnesses_ to two generations of what happened before a small confedration of _doctors_ in _one boardroom_ took a shortcut to _changing_ things, possibly for all-time–; possibly to send things whiplashing back another _four_ generations, depending on how reactionary, cis-society would be, and upon how _frivolously_ the _connected trans_ community _handled_ this _newfound gift_–.
Given the _kind_ of _presentations_ I’d been _seeing_ in the _connected trans_ community–; it _looked_ like nothing but a proverbial _perfect-storm_ of _the latter_ clause of _both-premises_–.
The _other_ point, was the fact that the lack of any _other acceptance_ of people who were undoubtedly _trans_ but otherwise _untransitionable_–; meant that _I_ was _unable to matriculate_ in any _social media_ or to _join_ the _connected_ trans community–; due-to their ever-increasing _rejection_ of _untransitionable_ trans _people_, whom they found it ever-increasingly _more-convenient_ just to have _tarred_ as having-been “not-trans,” or they “would” have supposedly “bitten” the proverbial “bullet,” or “found-a-way” to have _transitioned_.
I compare this mentality to that of a conscripted, ancient _soldier’s_ being _sent-away_ with their sword and shield, or told not to “come-back,” until they could “bring” the general, “the head,” of, the stated “enemy–.” First he has to _find_ this guy. Then, he has to _defeat_ him and _kill_ him. _Then_, he has to _pick-up_ his _severed-head_ and _carry_ it–; all the way back to _the General’s barracks_. The chances are, that _the soldier_ will be _the one_ who _gets-killed instead_. He _has to kill_ another human being. And he has to _mutilate the body_ in a monstrous, grotesque way. And then _transport_ the _severed head_. _The General_, however, _cares-nothing_ about _this_–. The general, sitting in his chair, does nothing-of-pertinence to this task while this hapless-minion goes-out, (probably failing and dying), performs all these excruciating tasks, and then just brings-back this _gruesome-relic_ just as _petty-proof_, that the detached _General_ has _just_ been _Relieved_ of his _annoying nemesis_ by the _dutiful_ (and choiceless) _soldier_–.
The point is, that _if_ an _isolated_ or _atomized_, _trans person_, who, we need not _belabor_ the fact that they _already_ are in _quite_ the degree of _dysphoria_ based even _just_ on the fact that they _are atomized thus_–; _wants_ to escape this _atomization_, then is _denied, escape_ from said _atomization_–; UNLESS they _go-out and bring_ the _community_ the equivalent of _the head_ of their particular “Dysphoria,” “as” supposed _Evidence_, that it otherwise had even _ever Existed_–; it’s a _complete-trivialization_, of what said-group is organized even to _fix_.
They are being _marched_ through the effective _machine-gun nest_, of a _transition provision_ system that has NOT at-all “caught-up” with the _legal_ mandates of _ws7_.
Doctors in fact, seem to be _stonewalling_ against _implementing_ these _changes_, and _Gaslighting_ people who show-up to get transitioned–! Telling them _all kinds_ of _Disinformation_, or making them thing that everything they had already-heard were “wrong–.”
It almost seemed “asked-for,” considering the fact that these _patients_ otherwise _wouldn’t_ have _gone_, other than due to the fact that _nobody_ wants to be _isolated_ anymore–; but that _everybody_ in a _joiner Introduction_ thread on a social media trans support group, is almost _expected_ to _recite “the Pledge,” that they _will_ “seek transition services” “in a timely manner,” indeed “if” they have not secured “or sought” them “already–.” It’s become this standing _shibboleth_, and _no-one_ has _bothered to question_ it yet–; and with each passing day, it gets _more-and-more, set-in-stone_ .
The flood of _trans_ young-adults teeming into the doctors’-offices, are _all there_ just on _grudging-errands_ to _appease_ the growingly-tacit _expectations_ of _social media groups_ who _don’t want_ untransitioning _members_, and for _no other reason_–. They were there to _collect their head_ and _head-back_ with-it–. This suggests to me, _why_ some of these doctors might have become so _noncompliant_ with the new _law_. They would see it as having _become-a-farce_–.
If _more_ reasons are needed, once a person has become _ensnared_ in continuing to _battle_ what still _remains_ a _hostile system_ of transition care obtainment–; their _entire focus_ on _anything_ and _everything-else_, is going to be _shattered_.
Much more work needs to be-done, quickly, to shore-up all the political, legal, and logistical _infrastructures_, that _ws7 needs_ in-order to _work_–.
_Instead_, the same people who _care_ enough, not to want to _remain isolated_ or completely ineffective for the community–; are going to be _hamstrung, personally fighting hand-to-hand_, with _vindictive doctors_ who _hate ws7_ (as well as “taking easy, ‘pot-shots’ at transition-seekers, _only-there_ to _dodge-the-shaming_ of their respective _recognition-source_ groups–).
The Stampede’s, being _in full-force_, is _keeping_ anyone in it from _calming-down_, at-all _long-enough_, for anyone to think they _had-time_ even-perhaps, to have _concentrated_ on even _anything-else_–.
Perhaps _the only people_ who even _could_ have _calmed-down_ about the pseudo-exigent “transition-mandate–;” are those who have _already survived_ another _generation, without transitioning_, with their _gender identiity_ still _utterly-intact_–; but–; because _they_ have been _earmarked_ by the _social media system_ as being _personae-non-gratae_–; NOBODY IS GOING TO LISTEN-TO them ANYWAY–.

Basically, I need a GROUP to SANCTION me to SPEAK AT ALL in a Transgender Community, because otherwise, the fact that I am “untranitionable,” makes me “already,” “culturally Pre-Invalidated,” among _all the rest_, who appear to be _out_ here. No matter WHAT I would have wanted to talk about.

I am effectively, being SENT back to CIS-ville, or even “Invited” to “Join” the “Transphobics.”

Despite my focusing this discussion on the Philosophical argument, I actually even have a direct _Material_ one.
I need one person to _sign-off_ on a _Facebook_ group application for me, so I could turn my empty _Page_ there, into an actual _Group_, where I could seek _members_ that actively _Interacted_ with me online, so I could garner any _Traction_ in even _whatever direction_ I would have wanted to have _led_–; even if it had “nothing to do with” “reconnecting the Untransitionable.”

I’m not mentioning that here to “solicit” any “volunteer.” The whole point is to _make_ “the point,” that, not-even “that” is “doable” for me, since groups won’t let people _bring_ that _up_, and that _even_ if they _did_, I would not get _a taker_, because, as an _untransitionable_, I am _blackballed, anyway_–.

The person who has made an unprecedentedly MOMENTOUS post to this Community today, has made an EXPLOSIVE point, about how _critical_ it is, for _every_ person with transgender awareness, currently to _mobilize_ to this great, new _challenge_.
This is why it so heartbreaking, for _me_.
What I would _want_ to do, I _can’t_ do, because I’ve already been “whistled-dead,” by the “anti-Untransitionables” trans community “Shibboleth–.”

Thank You–.


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