A Key from the Past, involving a parallel from “Religious” Identity

A Portion of this Atheism Video, supplies a key Analogy, for current-day transgenders, about the cultural constraints of the Harry Benjamin and early wpath eras:

From 10:00–13:00
The famous atheist Aron Ra, is describing the history of atheists in the sixties through early-eighties, when the now incomprehensible _stigma_ against _atheists_, made them instead, “veil” themselves as either “Satanists,” “Wiccans,” or “Pagans.”
Clearly, why _not_, simply present as merely what you _actual;ly_, are, namely, merely someone who does _not_ believe in the Christian god,/God, rather than also to “Pretend” to have been something you _hadn’t_ been–; namely someone who either believed-in “different” “gods,” or who may have followed specific “tenets,” like those in, for example, “LaVeyan” Satanism–‘ (which in fact is _strikingly_ “strict,” in terms of its tenets)?
Of course, it was not at all “logical” to pretend to be a whole “other” religion, “just” to avoid picking any of the”three Abrahamic” religions, or the two main “Eastern” religions–; just-because simply “no” religion “at-all,” was thought to have been perceived _by-others_ simply as “socially-‘unsettling’,” or-whatever–; but, _behold-here_; it _was done_—, and for something as culturally, relatively “innocuous” as _religion_, as opposed to anything anywhere _near_ as then “taboo,” as “gender identity.”

Analogously, before the actual word “transgender,” had entered the public lexicon, and the nearest-synonym, _transsexual_, had been _reserved_ for _only_ those who had full _surgery plus_ hormones and already had all their papers-changed, all many-times harder to do back-then when one first had to start by living _stealth_ for a whole year without hormones, before _getting even_ hormones–; the era’s trans people “subsumed” ourselves under the “cultural euphemism” of “LGB–.”
And those were our “brave” ones. the rest deep-closeting, masking, or suppressing (in this last case, again often becoming rabid, gender-policers) And, again, also except for the tiny minority who even-then actually transitioned). .


From 10:00


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