Trump to issue “License to Discriminate” Order Thursday


With the YouTube Ad Boycott, hold-onto your horsemen: Fascism is officially Here.

“We draw a sharp distinction between free speech and the right to do business with a private company,” said Josh Zeitz, v. p. of communication company AppNexus, involved in the YouTube ad boycott. These same CEO zealot-thugs manhandled the Supreme Court into saying that what their own ad executives came-up with was “speech,” that was constitutionally protected. When the corporate sector trumps the government, that is the definition of Fascism.
I saw it coming long before the YouTube ad boycott, but Fascism is now here in full, big, ugly weed bloom.

mainely butch on new post appointment 3-28-2017


Roger Severino has been given the position as chief of the Office for Civil Rights in the Health and Human Services (HHS) department of our government, working directly under HHS secretary Tom Price.

THIS, dear friends, is NOT good for the LGBT community.  This is a direct threat to all of the rights that we have fought so damned hard for, the major one coming to mind is marriage equality.  Severino and Price are BOTH historically anti-LGBT in their rhetoric and actions.

Putting these two people at the helm of the ship when it comes to all civil rights is a very dangerous thing to minority groups.  Of the LGBT in particular Severino and Price do not believe the discrimination is an issue for us.  Really?

These appointments are more fine examples of how inconsiderate, hateful and trigger happy the president and his administration are.  Who appoints someone who hates gays to an office that has the duty to investigate and possibly prosecute the abuse of LGBT civil rights?  Someone who hates us to begin with: Donald Trump.

Yes, the great old orange idiot did this to us.  If you are an LGBT Republican and you voted for this guy I hope you are happy now.  Or will you be happier when they strip our right to marry away?  They’re going to try to do it, just you wait and see.  Either way, these appointments send dangerous signals that they would bring someone to protect our rights to the table that so adamantly denies there are problems and the we even need protection.

“Severino won’t be able to roll back protections overnight, and his office will still be required to look into every civil rights complaint. But he will have some discretion in terms of deciding what to prioritize, and what kind of resources to invest. (HHS Secretary Tom Price also has a history of opposing LGBTQ rights.”  Huffington Post, 3-27-17